Campus Ambassadors: Why you need to Tap into the Power of Youth Marketing

Campus Ambassadors are a growing force for any brand that targets Gen-Z. These student influencers are creative, authentic, and most importantly – they have big networks! If you are still wondering what can campus student ambassadors do for you, and why you, as a brand, should invest in campus marketing? Well, we have the answers! 

Below are 5 innovative ways you can use a student ambassador program to power your business to the next level:

1. Campus Sampling 

Product sampling and trials are a proven way of finding new loyal customers. Combined with a digital content strategy, it’s a powerful tool in campus marketing in India.

Campus sampling at Chtrbox utilizes our student influencer networks who build smart distribution throughout their college. You can get great student created content talking about their experience with your sample to have additional impact. And when you have a student at your college handing out a product sample to other students, it’s much more effective than using random promoters. Equally important is that using campus influencers as sample distributors is cost effective, and can end up being much more bang for your buck than traditional sampling methods.

2. Offline Viewing parties 

If your target audience is young, interesting offline marketing events are a great way for brands to engage with youth. We leverage our pool of college influencers to create a buzz around an upcoming event, showcase an ongoing event and invite their networks to the event to maximize attendance and participation. 

Additionally, college Influencers can provide great event coverage and amplification via multiple content formats such as Facebook invites, interactive Instagram stories and posts with brand mentions. You can make your event the talk of the college with socially contented student influencers, boosting your brand credibility with a relevant TG.

3. Get a head start on up & coming social media channels 

We are now in a more mature stage of the internet than we were at the start of the last decade. We have noticed that every generation finds their own social media channel to express themselves. There was Facebook then we shifted to Instagram & Youtube, but now TikTok, Snapchat, & Helo seem be to the platforms for Gen-Z. 

With student user generated content, you can create cost effective content on these new channels that fits in, and helps you understand what works for you.

4. Drive excitement for app installs & sales conversions through contests, referrals & coupon codes

The beauty of using campus influencers is that they will have access to lots of people on campus online & offline, which is an ultimate setting for referral programs for both digital and offline product.

Student influencers can share unique discount codes that can be redeemed by their friends/peers on the brand’s website; or can post about incentives and opportunities for trying out new apps. They are the internet generation, and aren’t afraid to try new apps or order ecommerce with coupon codes!

5. Reach tier 2 and 3 markets through campus influencers

Colleges have a huge range of people from different walks of life. Targeting tier 2 or tier 3 cities may be a difficult task but campus ambassadors make it easier and authentic. We at Chtrbox have access to thousands of college campuses across India, so even if you’re looking for a specific geography outside of the metros, we will be able to help you gain market penetration via a smart campus strategy.


We love how versatile our campus influencers and student ambassador programs can be! Want to learn more? To get you started here is our list of top Campus Ambassadors you can target for your brand.

Have you ever seen a campus ambassador campaign? Share your experience of it with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear about it!

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