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#Featured: Chtrbox in how influencer networks are commoditising KOLs in Asia

Chtrbox was recently featured in Campaign’s comparison of 11 influencer marketing platforms and what makes them special. 

Wondering how Influencer marketing platforms are doing all over Asia and where are these platforms headed? Are all influencer marketing platforms the same?

Get your answers in Campaign’s in-depth comparison of Asia-Pacific’s top 11 Influencer marketing platforms. It even has insights from Chtrbox ’s Founder and CEO Pranay Swarup on India’s influencer marketing growth and about the Influencer marketing landscape of India. 

The article compares comments from various platforms and searches for their differentiating factor. It even tries to understand the future of Influencer marketing or KOL’s standing for Key Opinion Leaders, as called so in various parts of the world.

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