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We Love College Influencers! Here Are Our Top 10 Indian Campus Ambassadors

In a day and age when an 8 year old earns 26 million dollars in a year from Youtube and an 18 year old has her own coffee brand we understand that age is no more a restriction to creating great and monetizable content!

This year we have seen a growing trend in brands wanting to work with campus influencers more and more. Beyond social media, campus ambassadors are great for college sampling activities, on-site promotions, focus groups and more! Check out Youth:ink, our solution for brands to connect with college students.

So you can catch up to the trend we’ve created a list of campus influencers that we’ll be looking at this year across beauty, sports. Their passion and creativity reminds us that with the boom of the internet the ball can be in anyone’s court. 
Let us look at the influencers we’ll be keeping an eye out for in 2020 in no particular order:

1) Emmanuel Lobo

We definitely have our eyes set on Mr Personality 2019 as he moves on from his college life. Apart from doing fashion shows and sharing images of his college life we’re interested to see how he creatively takes the account to the next level. 

2) Yash Raj 

Going strong with his rapping talent and a beautiful feed to compliment it this campus influencer has already performed at several prestigious stages like Mood Indigo at IIT Bombay, Habitat, etc. He has also been recognised by sound producer Ritviz. With his growing talent and great looking feed, we’re excited to see him take his rapping talent to the next level, all the while sharing an inside look to the journey with us.

3) Shari Shirazi

Equal parts entertaining and equal part talented our next campus influencer definitely knows how to build a community. Apart from sharing relatable hilarious content, she shares her creative beauty tricks and reviews on her Instagram and Youtube. We’re very excited to see where she takes her content in the coming year!

4) Tanvi Palan

Going strong with creative brand collaborations this Mumbai based influencer is on our watch list for the way she shoots, styles and curates lifestyle! We wonder where she’ll be going this year.

5) Kejal Sharma

As Kejal’s bio says “I travel , I sing, I write” her feed is filled with beautiful writings, cup singing and pictures of her beautiful travels. With well-thought out captions and well clicked pictures we’re excited to watch Kejal grow in the year 2020. 

6) Mugdha Rokade

Our next influencer Mugdha goes strong on Youtube with 902 subscribers. Her videos and Instagram ranges from singing videos to her own life stories to brand collaborations. We’re thrilled to see where she goes ahead and what more she can do in 2020!

7) Sakshi Goyal

With a colourful feed our next influencer Sakshi has a mark to make with her reviews and styling. Her beautiful hair flip may be reason enough to check her out! We cannot wait to see where she takes her influence in the coming year.

8) Tushar Madaan

Sharing hilarious videos and singing his way through to our hearts our next influencer Tushar Madaan is definitely on our radar for his talent and creativity. We are impatient to see the next ways Tushar makes us all laugh in 2020.

9) Naitik Ruparel

This inspiring campus influencer not only has a beautiful feed but is consistent with his content too. He talks about the issues that students face at a personal level and inspires them to think boldly and maturely. With one eye to the stars and feet to the ground, we wonder where he’ll be heading to next.

10) Vinisha Dsouza

The next influencer is a beautiful and talented stylist. We’re excited to watch her take her talent and already created following base to the next level with more creative edits like these and more picture-perfect outfits!

These are our top picks. Is there someone in your mind? Comment below and let us know! 

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