#Unboxing: Why Your Brand Should Hop On This Trend ASAP

#Unboxing: Some of our favorite experiences, and why it still works for brands!

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We at Chtrbox love product unboxings, for a few reasons:

1 – Consumers love unboxings!  Over 1 in 5 consumers have watched an unboxing video, with over 90,000 people actively search specifically ‘unboxing’ in their YouTube searches every month! On Instagram Stories we also see high engagement rates during unboxings, due to fresh surprising content that comes with an unboxing activity.

2 – It builds trust! The best unboxings are done by category experts, who their followers look to for their knowledge and unbiased information.  It’s a great, informal way to build a strong rapport with an audience to trust your product (assuming it actually IS a great product!).

3 – They are great cost effective experiments! Unboxing is a great way for brands to test out popular social media influencers to see who the true product advocates are prior to investing more heavily in them as brand advocates.

We’ve unpacked a couple of our favorite unboxings for you below to gain inspiration:

1. FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review – This video has 111M views! It just shows how popular unboxing videos are.

2. Unbox Therapy – We love this video because – 1. It’s a damn expensive speaker that looks really cool and 2. It’s Unboxing 101 and Lewis George Hilsenteger is awesome at at!

3. Marques Brownlee – Very well articulated video, Marques knows what he is talking about. This video shows that the more unique your product the more interesting the unboxing is.

4. Technical Guruji – This ground ‘breaking’ video by one of the most well known Indian Tech YouTuber is popular for its honest review.

5. Ahish Chanchalani Ki Vines – We love this guy’s hilarious videos and this one showcased a limited edition Marvel Avengers Oneplus Note 6. And Let us tell you, it is unboxing well done!

Bonus: These are the top 5 categories that produce maximum unboxing videos:

1. Electronics

2. Kids Toys

3. Cosmetics

4. High-end accessories

5. eBay mystery boxes

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So go ahead and get on the #Unboxing train, and guess what! Chtrbox is all set to release a new influencer gifting service called Funbox.  It will provide influencers a chance to unbox latest products released by the biggest brands. So stay tuned for more!

What are the products you would love seeing unboxed? Let us know in the comments below.

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