Why Being An Instagram Influencer Is Harder Than You Think

How hard can it be? I post pics every once a while and it hardly takes like 5-10mins max.

I mean all they do is dress up pretty, take photos and upload them on their Instagram account with a new hashtag. Why pay them to do this 5 minute task?

Hate to burst the bubble but being an Instagram influencer is truly a “job”, especially if you wish to commit to it full time and it requires much more dedication and professionalism than you expect it did.

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Any photo or video requires planning, framing, conceptualizing, content writing, image and video editing, location hunting and so many more. Multiple processes go behind that aesthetic social media profile that you check regularly on your feed, even if you do so just for minute, it leaves an impact on you which is why you continue following that person on the platform.

It’s why you’re even willing to give the products they recommend a try and why you’re ready to throw your old wardrobe for a new one.

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