Top 10 Tech Influencers You Cannot Miss Out On If You’re A Tech Brand!

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Don’t know which phone to buy? What features are best in the model you are thinking about buying? Confused if you are getting a value-for-money deal or its all just a publicity hoax?

I hear you! All of us have been in that boat once in a while. We need some expert advice when it comes to how to work out technology and new gadgets. And who better than the “Tech-perts”.

We’ve handpicked a few YouTubers who will appeal right away to the Indian masses. Not only do they review all those new models and features for you (including the limited editions we wish we could afford) they also offer great tippani on whether the purchase is worth it. For example, if the battery life for the new Xiaomi laptop actually lasts as long as it claims.

You wanna know which Android phone offers a better camera, head out to their channels to give it a spin!

They may just change your mind! If anything, their great followership is a testament that these influencers know what they’re talking about.

1. Gaurav Chaudhary A.K.A – Technical Guruji

Gaurav covers everything, from phones and laptops to cameras and motorbikes. If you want to be on top of the latest updates in the tech world, his Tech Talks section is the one to look out for.

His videos are in Hindi and his manner of speaking appeases the masses.

I’m sure his 13.8M subscribers call him Guruji and for good reason as his reviews and recommendations are always on-point.

2. Ruhez Amrelia – A.K.A. – Techno Ruhez

Coming from humble beginnings Techno Ruhez slowly and steadily climbed up to become one of the top tech YouTubers from India. His first video shot to fame and after a 1-year hiatus, he started making videos again, an effort that has earned him 1.68M followers. Ruhez’s videos on Jio are his most-watched ones of all time.

His videos are produced in Hindi and are very informative. They especially focus on smartphones and mobile phone comparisons. If you’re confused about your next purchase, check out his channel to get the best recommendations you can!

3. Manoj Saru A.K.A – Technology Gyan

Manoj Saru started his YouTube channel in 2015 and hit a million followers by 2018. Aside from offering reviews, Saru talks about technology and its hacks. From the pros and cons of overusing smartphones to shopping online v/s offline, he’ll tell you the best way to go.

If you are someone who needs to learn the basics, he’s the perfect guy to guide you. It’s ok if you’re a technological noob, you will find videos on Whatsapp hacking, what DCIM folders are, how to install software, what to do with your old phones and what specs to look for when buying a new phone depending on your purpose. With 4.44M subscribers, Technology Gyan offers something for everyone who’s looking for anything tech-related.

4. Ranjit Kumar A.K.A – Geeky Ranjit

One of the few Indian tech English YouTube channels, Geeky Ranjit promises ‘Something Techy, Something New’. The best part about Ranjit’s videos is that he not only unboxes products but uses them to later post a review on that product. This gives one a better idea if the appliance actually delivers the specs it claims to offer, which we think is great.

He also offers really useful tips on processors, cameras, data transfer, google hacks and more. It’s always good to check for a new video especially when season sales come up to be sure he’ll have some great picks ready for you to score on the big day. Boasting 2.56M subscribers, GeekyRanjit surely offers what you’re looking for.

5. Dhananjay Bhosale – A.K.A – Dhananjay_Tech

If you want to know how to make your home a smart-home with Alexa, Dhananjay can definitely help you out. His hands-on approach makes him a great influencer. He reviews various items including smartphones, apps, headphones, gadgets, watches and the whole shebang.

One of the best things about him is that he tries and tests everything he reviews, beforehand, so the reviews are not just a touch, feel and check experience but rather an honest user evaluation. His videos are simple and to-the-point, which makes him a great option to check out. He also features Q-and-As on the request of his followers, so let him know what you want in the comments and be sure he’ll deliver. Dhananjay also boasts another channel called ‘Tech Marathi’ for viewers who are looking for some tech gyan in Marathi.

6. Sourav Parui A.K.A – iT Creators

If there’s a new gadget in the market you’ll know about it here, From attachable lenses for your iPhone to unique security cameras, iT Creators offers a plethora of options. It’s the go-to gadget guide for anyone looking for new and exotic gadgets.

It is one of the few channels that actually test these gadgets out so you know that these contraptions really exist and are available for people residing in India. Sourav also reviews these gadgets including common items like mobiles and audio devices. His videos include fun gizmos that you should definitely check out, if not buy.

7. Arun Prabhudesai A.K.A – Trakin Tech

A smartphone enthusiast, Arun uploads tech videos for his 2.69M subscribers on his Hindi channel, every day! Trakin Tech also has sister channels in English and Marathi, so you can choose to watch his videos in whatever language you’re comfortable with.

Your daily dose of tech is quenched by his new review or unboxing video. With creative video editing in his arsenal, he has a very interesting way of comparing smartphones and offers a very immersive experience of testing for the viewers. Check this video out to know what I’m talking about.

8. Praval Sharma A.K.A – Sharmaji Technical

This Sharmaji is definitely the talk of the tech town! With great content and a simple narrative, most of you will feel like you are listening to a relative explain the pros and cons of buying the new smartphone you want. If that doesn’t say trustworthy we don’t know what does!

He has a special section called ‘Sharmaji Ki News’ where he talks about the latest developments of the tech world, new launches, and announcements that have the power to change your future decisions. He also collaborates with other tech YouTubers in his section called ‘Vishesh’, so you know you have something exciting to look forward to!

9. Shlok Srivastava – A.K A – Tech Burner

As his name suggests, Shlok burns through many phones to give you a review of the newest phone in town. Not for the first choice for a serious buyer, the Tech Burner does give out useful information through his videos but they work because of his ability to make the videos hilarious!

If you thought listening to someone review a phone and list their specs is boring, think again, we can guarantee this is one YouTuber who’ll keep you glued to his screen.

10. Rajeev Gogi Rana – A.K.A – Gogi Tech

Started in 2011, Gogi Rana has amassed a large fanbase of 1.17M subscribers for his simplistic but effective videos. If you want to-the-point no-nonsense videos without crazy visuals bouncing off your screen Gogi’s videos are perfect for you.

Old school traditionalists will love his style, especially the fact that his playlists are very organized. So you won’t be groping in the dark when you want to find any specific brand and its other models. Product reviews and announcements on his channel are not merely limited to smartphones but extend to laptops, smart wear (, TV sets, mobile accessories, cool gadgets, motorbikes and much more, so if you have any queries this is your one-stop-for-all page.

What’s your tech woe this week? Let us know who you go to when you need some tech-spert advice!

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