Twitter Reveals Which Kind Of Post Receives Maximum Engagement

Should you post a witty one-liner or a picture with a catchy caption? Is a video better or an aesthetic slideshow? Twitter reveals which format gets 10X engagement compared to any other.

Wonder why your ‘popular friend’ gets more likes and retweets on Twitter even though your tweets are way better? Are you lacking some charm? Lucky for you, Twitter recently answered your question.

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Photo Source: Pexels

Apparently posts with videos are the best kind of tweets! Twitter reveals videos are the best format of multi-media that you can share on the social media platform as videos get the highest engagement in terms of likes, comments and retweets. Twitter stats show that there is a significant increase of 10X more engagement compared to any other format be it photos, slideshows or pure text.

3 Reasons why videos achieve crazy engagement

  1. They Increase Brand Awareness
  2. Improve Overall Brand Sentiment
  3. You Invest In Increasing Purchase Intent

So ahead and post em videos! (Psst. you can share GIFs too!) 

Find out more about how you can increase your engagement through videos.

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Featured Photo by: Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

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