Comedians Turn Influencers! Let The Laughs Turn To Likes

Humor sells all! A policy that has the new age marketer reconsidering his ambassador choices.

Comedians are all the rage in India. The Kapil Sharma show is a constant event every weekend in most dedicated Indian families,

The era of Johnny Lever and Kader Khan has passed on and the new age stand-up comedians have taken center stage. They are not airing on our TV sets but are dominating every digital medium out there.

Names like Sorabh Pant, Atul Khatri, Kunal Kamra and more have the young generation guffawing through their acts – let’s take a look at why comedians have massive influencer potential.

Why Do Comedians Make For Such Good Influencers?

“You’re gonna love this!” – this is your reaction when you go on YouTube or scroll through Facebook and you find out this really funny video that you ‘just have’ to share with your friends. That’s the power of comedy. They are dominating every space, offline stand-ups, comedy shows, events and online spaces like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and multiple OTT platforms too!

These guys are awesome at making authentic, relatable and downright hilarious content that goes viral like wildfire! When people watch these videos they don’t feel like they’re watching a promotion because the brand is placed so seamlessly in their punchlines.

And lastly, you’ve got to give them props for their popular content because they boast some of the highest engagement rates on social media.

By using comedy to promote their brands, these brands definitely got it right!

We got together a list to show you which brands decided to treat their potential prospects with some witty humour to the success of both the comedian & brand:

Nykaa – Rohan Joshi

A really unconventional choice, but Nykaa made it work

The Doers Club X Dewar’s – Kaneez Surka, Atul Khatri

Kaneez and Atul are great options for a brand like Dewar’s

Kanan Gill

Dewar’s did an episodic thread with Kanan featuring various different experts

Uber Eats – Kaneez Surka, Naveen Richard

You definitely need someone to make you believe this is true and who better than Naveen Richard

Ola – Sumukhi Suresh

Sumukhi addressing all those Women’s Day tropes with her ‘aakhe yahan hai meri‘ face is as hilarious as it can be! Take her advice man!

KFC – Naveen Richard, Varun Thakur, Kenny Sebastian, Kaneez Surka

Such a weird concept but these four gems make it work!

Snickers – Mallika Dua

Mallika Dua being Mallika Dua in this Snickers video has got going us hungry!

Black Dog – Sorabh Pant

Sorabh Pant that makes you pause and reflect when he brings topical and political comedy right to centre stage

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Clovia – Neeti Palta

Known for her feminist topics of comedy, Neeti Palta is a no-brainer here

Bourbon – Abish Matthew, Mallika Dua

Frenemies Abish and Mallika fight it out in this battle of burns

Pipa Bella – Mallika Dua

Her statement style actually became a statement piece, Mallika wants people to go ‘scyauz me’ with her collection

Zivame – Sumukhi Suresh

Who would have thought you need to be the ‘pataka’ to be called a person, Sumukhi did it again

Wakefit – Rahul Dua

Rahul Dua is a naturally funny storyteller even when he’s talking about a mattress

What do you think? Did we leave you in splits? Now you know why comics are the influencers that will get those eye-grabs you want for your brand.

Interested to find a comedian who works well with your brand? Check out Boombox comedian category, and get in touch with us!

Feature Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

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