Top Punjabi Influencers to look out for!

India is an extremely diverse country with people speaking around 30 different languages in 1600 different dialects. The content on the internet which is swiftly moving towards a more regional tone indicates a huge potential for vernacular content in the digital space. We at Chtrbox have realized this area of need as well and have launched Bharatbox, which helps brands reach regional tier 2 and 3 markets through local language influencers who create homegrown content. 

Punjabi influencers have grown manifold and are predicted to continue growing and engaging audiences at similar breakneck speeds.

Here are some of the top Punjabi influencers on Instagram to look out for :

1. Karanjot Singh (@karanjot_singh_):

This rising star from  Chandigarh is known for his Diljit Doshan fanboying, extremely charismatic videos, and relatable yet meme-worthy reels. With a growing following of 42.1k on Instagram, this Chandigarh influencer is all set to steal more hearts.

2. Ashley Kaur (@ashleykaur_reen):

A fitness influencer who is making a mark by not only being one of the few females in the space of fitness but also by her extremely trendy Bhangra moves! A biotechnologist by education, Ashley rose to popularity through her Instagram and now has achieved a following of 301k. 

3. Tavleen (@official.tavleen):

An extremely charming and beautiful lifestyle and fashion influencer from Punjab, Tavleen is known for creating engaging content on her Instagram through reels. With an Instagram following of 296K, she has garnered a lot of dedicated followers. 

4. Galcy (@galcy_):

She is a biotechnologist turned social media influencer who charms her audience with her fashion and beauty skills and keeps them hooked with her food adventures. She has garnered a following of 25.3k and endorsed a variety of brands from fashion to food.

5. Keshav (@sarcaster_):

This 22-year-old, Amritsari boy is known for his sarcastic, comedy videos and memes. He has a growing following of 238k with multiple videos produced by him going viral on Instagram. 

These Punjabi influencers are just a few of the many who are engaging and captivating their audiences with hilarious content and fun reels. It is clear that vernacular and local influencers are the way forward!

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