Meet Srishti Garg (@srishtigargg) – the creator who gets inspired by Shah Rukh Khan

The big fight between GenZ and millennials will continue on the internet for years to come but here is one such influencer who is bridging the gap because she relates equal parts to a millennial as well as a GenZ. Srishti Garg says, “I maybe a GenZ as far as my age is concerned, but I also consider myself a millennial because I have vibed to all the things that only a millennial would know about,” she says.

The beginning of a long journey

Srishti, who makes fun, light hearted content on the gram says that it was never her plan to become a content creator since she is studying in NIFT and is fashion oriented, but when it happened organically, she just decided to go with the flow. “During the pandemic, I was going through Instagram, and I came across my school friend’s tweet on a meme page and I wanted that for myself, too, because I thought it was really cool. So, I also randomly made a twitter account and people started recognizing me and telling me that I should actually make videos out of it. So, I did that and eventually my page started growing and people started liking my videos,” she says about her journey as an Instagram influencer so far.

Finding the right balance

Srishti is in the sixth semester of her fashion course and also works with a social media agency. And therefore, sometimes, time becomes a crucial factor in her life. “It is sometimes very stressful and tiring. But I just keep thinking about how I want to have what Shah Rukh Khan has, and I decide that I need to go all out. I sometimes feel like I am in no mood to create any content but it’s okay because I put up content every second day and it does get really tiring to balance it all out. When I feel like I don’t want to shoot content, I just give up. Good content takes time,” she adds.

What’s trending?

As for trends, Srishti believes in doing more than just mimicking trending audios. “I personally am not a big fan of content that’s just based around an audio or a trend that involves mimicking something because I think it’s of no value. So, with my content, I want to come up with a good script and not just do something with a trending audio. I am finding my balance between the millennial and GenZ audience,” concludes the digital influencer.

Srishti is part of Chtrbox Represent where we exclusively manage over 50 influencers from the worlds of fashion, beauty, food, technology and all things social media.

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