Koovs Goes To College influencer marketing india

Koovs Goes To College | Case Study


An online store, Koovs was relatively a new entrant to the fashion scene in India.  The main target audience for Koovs being 18-24, , they started KGTC – Koovs Goes To College. The aim was to create awareness about the brand among the college community. The campaign was started with a pilot in Delhi NCR with 200 Koovs Style Ambassadors (Campus Fashion Influencers who were handpicked through a rigorous screening process by the brand) and the second phase had 375 Ambassadors across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. Both versions did extremely well for the brand in terms of awareness, social media conversations & conversions.


Koovs was a relatively new entrant in the online fashion scene in India, which is why they needed aggressive brand awareness in the market. While their target group was certain of being young adults, the question remained of how to create substantial impact in their minds despite a cluttered market place.
The primary need for Koovs was to make a bang and that required maximum number of college going persons to know about the brand and have a stimulating and impactful experience with the brand.


Since it is majorly a youth-oriented brand, the need of the hour was to create word of mouth and get people talking.The goal for the brand was to create brand awareness. Being a brand that has young people at heart as the target consumers, it was viable to build the brand image and ultimately, increase brand awareness among the same.  


Chtrbox worked with Koovs to devise ‘Koovs Goes To College’ as an initiative to engage and positively influence the college going youth by creating an exciting and interactive array of experiences that would enable them to experience the brand in a way that connects with their wavelength.

The campaign was panned out initially in Delhi/NCR and then for a sequel campaign the spread was across Mumbai, Pune as well as Bangalore. Our focus was fixated on crafting experiential activities with the student as they prove to be a great stimulator as opposed to more traditional approaches.

Chtrbox and Koovs rolled out various tasks for the students, foremost of which was to invite applications from students to become the Style Embassadors. The Style Ambassador program allowed students with interest in Fashion and Social Lifestyle to acquire a platform to grow their network, encounter with mentors and create an impact.
Brand Engagement was created by placing highly engaging and learning oriented tasks aligned with the brand objectives as a part of the Koovs Style Ambassador Campaign. There was a buzz in the college community as Social Media engagement and Word of Mouth was at a peak owing to the nature of the program that worked perfectly well for the youth target group.




The impact of the campaign was further strengthened with the inclusion of extremely lucrative rewards that entailed for the winners to get a chance to attend a short course at the coveted London School of Fashion and interact with industry leaders and experts.


The KoovsGoesToCollege campaign proved to be a soaring success as Chtrbox along with Koovs fulfilled the primary objective of creating highly engaging tactics as well as producing exponential word of mouth among college going youth. The campaign led to a reach out to more than 4 Lac Students, produced 220 Style Ambassadors. There was a massive ₹27 Lacs worth of traction achieved via more than 1.75 Lac Social Media Engagement.

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