How To Be A Successful Instagram Influencer

There must be at least 1 profile that we all get envious of in our Insta feeds. These profile loook emacculate, prim and unusually put together. When you are travelling to work, in the lunch break or during that boring meeting, when you are scrolling away your Instagram feed, there they appear, accounts that have thousands of followers and hundereds of likes; leaving us wondering as to how do they do that!

We list out some strategies that will help you gain authentic increased followers and fans whether you are targeting the coveted 50k followers or your 1st 2k followers. Read along to know more…

  1. Hashtag StrategyInstagram Hashtags
    If there is one thing that you need to check in the list of Instagram Best Practices is, it is hashtags. Using hashtags increases the chances of your content discovery multifolds. While it is essential to use
    hashtags, balance is imperative. You may already be using hashtags that is relevant to your content, however, our tip is to use one hashtag that describes you or your profile and one that you can leveraeg as a brand in all the content that you put out.
  2. Schedule
    The importance of maintaining a schedule for succeeding at alomost anything on social media is ineveitable. Despite the overuse of this advice, we will still place key importance on maintaining the regularity of putting out your content. Not only is keepnig a well maintained schedule attractive to your audience, but it will also helps with SEO.
  3. CTA
    Sending out a Call To Action is very helpful in making your content standout. What creating a Call To Action does is, it keeps your posts active and current for a longer time period. You may use CTA such as ‘Click the link in my bio…’ or ‘Check out the description box for more info’
  4. Geo TaggingInstagram Geotagging
    The Geo Tagging Location feature in Instagram allows you to tag your location of origin or presence. Utilising this feature of Instagram will help you acquire more traffic from the area that you are targeting rather than dividing your traffic from various places across the world. This could increase the relevance of your content.
  5. Engagement
    An imminent practice to be better at being an Instagram Influencer is to promote engagement. Enable conversations by asking question or replying to comment is beneficial. You may like and comment on other accounts that you like and follow or even give shoutouts to your inspirations or favourite ones.
  6. ThemeInstagram Account Theme
    One thing commom that majority of successful instagram influencers have in common is the keeping of theme. What this implies is that, it is good if you decide upon an overall theme for your instagram account. How rigidly you follow a theme is entirely upto you. You may choose to have a pastel coloured theme across your account or a particular point of view that you decide to pursue. You  can use your creativity to create a certain look and feel to your account.

So, now that you are equipped with a whole bunch of pointers to do better at instagramming, go ahead and let your wings spread!
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