10 Indian Beauty Youtubers you need to follow right now.

10 Indian Beauty YouTubers You Need To Follow

Skim through this list to know 10 of our favourite Indian Beauty YouTubers who you need to follow right now! These girls are rocking the Blogging scene in India with their constant efforts that clearly reflect their passion for Beauty, Makeup and Lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to master that Smoky Eye look for a date night or just on a hunt to find the perfect shade for your Red Lip, you will find it all with this bunch.

1.Shreya Jain

Shreya is the 20 something girl who made it big by sticking to her passion for makeup and beauty. You must follow her to be in the know for the latest makeup trends and super easy tutorials.

2. Debasree Banerjee

Having a degree in Biotechnology and a Masters in Management, Debasree is now a full-time blogger owing to disovering her founding in being a ‘long-distance shopping partner’ in her own words. Her videos are cute and helpful, with tonns of advice and reccos for novices and professionals alike.

3. Mr.Jovita George

Residing in Kuwait but Indian at heart, Jovita in her own words is’ a professional fashion stylist, a former fashion model and an avid fashion follower & lover.

4. Shruti Arjun Anand

A Techie by professional origin, Shruti got popular via her infamous ‘How to’ videos. Driven by her passion, Shruti started a full-fledged YouTube channel which today garners more than 542k subscribers.

5. Komal Khulbe

A Delhi-ite, Komal is a fashion enthusiast who turned into a full-time blogger after her passion took her heart by a storm. Komal has a very easy-going style on her channel that is super easy to follow and relate to. A bit of culture, art and retro is what you might find in her videos.

6. Komal Narang

Komal Narang, a bubbly girl who is super passionate about her work which is being a full time beauty blogger. She believes in the power of happiness and wishes to spread it through her YouTube channel.

7. Ankita Srivastava

Ankita runs her blog and YouTube channel with the belief that makeup is art. Ankita plays around with a ton of different looks and thinks that makeup gives one a chance to don a different avatar everyday. Going by the name of Corallista, Ankita runs a blog as well as a YouTube channel by the same name.

8. Zahrah Aliya

Part Indian, part Fijian, Zahrah resides in Australia but does not fail to give her viewers the perfect tutorials for our desi complexion. Along with abundance of tips and tricks, Zahrah does product reviews on he YouTube channel as well.

9. Arishia Moorjani

Arshia is a NYC based fashion and beauty vlogger. When she is not busy filming makeup tutorials for her YouTube channel, Arshia can be found practicing yoga or attempting to cook something new!

10. Kritika Khurana

A Fashion Designer by profession, Kritika goes by the name That Boho Chic in the virtual world. For Kritika, blogging came naturally as a succession of her adventures and casual OOTD posts. Not only does she rock YouTube and Blogging, she is also proud owner of her e-commerce shop- The Hype.