It is liberating to be a content creator: Beauty influencer Deep Pathare says the entire experience is wholesome

We may have come a long way in several areas as a society but there are a few spaces that could still do with some improvement. One such area is makeup and beauty. We still associate these two things with females and seeing boys put on makeup instantly becomes a point of discussion in our closer circles. But Indian beauty influencer Deep Pathare is breaking these stereotypes every day. On his Instagram page, @justdeepdrama , Deep has created a safe space for everyone who wants to experiment with makeup regardless of their gender.

The makeup and beauty blogger from Mumbai says that he started using makeup as a child when he would watch the female figures in his life use it. ” Growing up, I was surrounded by really strong female figures – my mum, my aunt, my sisters, and my father was always away for work. So, I did not have a masculine figure to look up to. And I used to look up to my family and friends and I used to watch my mother and sisters do their makeup however simple that was, and I picked that up as a child and it just so happened to be that it was all happening at a time when posting pictures online was also a thing. So, I started doing basic makeup and post those pictures,” says Deep.

The first step

It all became even more serious for Deep when he was in college and was doing a project on gender equality. “I realized that there was a gap and men were really discouraged from using makeup. That’s when I put on a full face of makeup for the first time, and posted a picture online, It kind of blew up and everyone took notice. After that, I started posting more pictures and I would tag the brands whose makeup I was using and they started noticing and that is how I got into creating content. Like I was a fashion designer before I became a content creator and I made that switch in 2019. Right before the pandemic started, I quit my job and then during the pandemic content creation just blew up,” explains Deep, while adding that the whole experience has been great.

The social media influencer says that he never had any apprehensions about his career choice or posting pictures with makeup but there was a slight bit of worry that would bother him. ” I didn’t have any apprehension because being a different child, growing up, there was always judgement passed on me, so I was kind of used to judgement. But I was a bit worried about not being harmed physically for what I was doing,” says the Indian creator.

The right thing to do

Deep says that since he started his content creation journey, he has had a lot of people and young boys come up to him and thank him for being an inspiration. “The whole thing is very liberating. You are just out there being your own self and having people come up to me and say that I am an inspiration to them or that I could make them feel a little less alone, especially queer individuals, is great. Growing up, I didn’t have such individuals so now that I have people coming up to me, I have a sense that I am doing something right, which is very wholesome,” explains Deep, who has almost 23k followers on Instagram.

For Deep, the quality of content on social media is very important. “With reels becoming this huge thing, everyone is trying their hand at content creation. But I honestly don’t feel that lip syncing to audios has got anything to do with talent. And when such videos get a good reach, it kind of takes away from the creators who are putting in several hours to create specialized videos which add some value,” he says.

The number game

As much as numbers play an important role in the world of social media, the beauty blogger says that numbers and metrics do not bother him as much anymore. “I make a conscious effort to not dwell on my insights. I keep a check on my insights but I don’t do it every day, maybe just once a week. There was a time when I did let these metrics bother me and I would spiral thinking about my follower count and my relevancy etc. But then I realised that I am creating content for the audience that I have and if the numbers grow, that’s an added bonus but if I lose my already existing followers because of trying to get more followers, that would make no sense. So, I am trying not to be very greedy,” says the social media influencer.

Deep is a part of Chtrbox Represent that manages over 50 influencers from across genres like food, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and everything social media.

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