How to make money on YouTube

How To Make Money on YouTube

The creation of YouTube has changed our lives forever. People use it to find instructional videos, DIY Tutorials, Product Reviews, Music and even more. Not surprisingly, it has been a go-to place for it is like Pandora’s box, which has something for everyone!

In this article, you will find some pointers to capitalize on this popularity of the Google owned giant YouTube. Whether you are an established blogger wanting to hop on the oh-so-popular vlogging trend or a newbie who dares to bare on the YouTube screen, follow our pointers paired with your passion and effort and you will be well on your way to start minting money on this coveted social media platform.

  1. Targeted Apporach

Advertisers and brands are often on a lookout for influencers to collaborate with and they prefer to stick to profiles that are into specific area of interest. While, ‘Lifestyle’ blogging allows a person to delve into any and every aspect of life, it is a good idea to stick to a select few.

  1. Keywords

Use Google’s Keyword planner to sieve out terms with the highest CTC and try to build your content around them. Use the keywords enough so that you have search engines listing your channel and content better.

  1. Promote Your Vid

While the need to promote you latest content and channel on social media platforms goes without saying, the trick is to share your content over a long period of time after regular intervals. This will help in elongating visibility and viewership.

  1. Analytics

Analytics is of paramount importance in the process to figure out how good or bad is your channel or content performing. Looking at the insights will help you figure out why, if, your content is not working or gaining that desired reach. Make analytics your best friend!

While these lil’ tricks will help you become a successful YouTuber with earnings, it is eminent to be original and unique as individuality remains key to attract genuine visitors to your space.

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