If You’re A Beauty Brand, You Can’t Miss Out On These Top 10 Indian Beauty YouTubers

From Nykaa to Mabelline and Lakmé to Olay, brands are constantly looking for for beauties to promote their products. It’s not easy to nail that perfect winged eyeliner or blend in just the right amount for contouring. But guess what, these desi girls have managed to not only pull it off, but also make it look bomb!

Skim through this list of the Top 10 beauty influencers that are are not just favoured by make-up, skincare and hair care brands but are audience favourites too!

1. Kaushal – Kaushal Beauty

She went viral for her Deepika Padukone’s ‘Deewani Mastani’ look (you can check it out here!) Kaushal is an India based in England, but her content is directed mainly toward Indian users. She creates various festival and occasion based looks – so now you know who to go to for that Navratri inspo!

Her ‘Kylie Jenner Inspired Make-up Look’ currently has 11 million views! Kaushal specializes in creating easy, doable looks that look pretty and not too heavy. She also uses and suggests affordable products that you can use on daily basis. You should surely scroll through her YouTube page if you want to recreate some famous Bollywood looks.

2. Shruti Arjun Anand – Shruti Arjun Anand

Her first video that she posted a hairstyle video because she was bored, today she has 5.25 million subscribers on Youtube! Shruti, started making videos on make-up, parenting hacks and various hairstyle hacks. The response she received propelled her from a content creator to a YouTube star! In fact everyone in her family is a YouTuber! An engineer, she’s a great example of how people with serious jobs can follow their passion later in life.

On Shruti’s page, you’ll find a solution to all your make-up woes. From amazing wedding looks, to simple ways to create a winged eyeliner, you’ll find it all. The best part is, if you’re bored, she makes fun vlogs with social messages that are damn entertaining.

3. Ankita Chaturvedi – Corallista

Another engineer turned MUA (Make-up artist), Ankita started her blog way back in 2011. In 2019 she’s an inspiration for her 611k followers on YouTube. From hauls to reviews and skincare to make-up you’ll find a tried and tested video for any product you wish you’d want. Not just another smokey eye look, she’ll tell you how to rock all those bold looks including that red berry lip!

Corallista’s dewy look is a style statement in itself. Not afraid to go bare-faced, Ankita will give you a detailed guide on what products to use to keep your skin fresh, glowy and acne free without you cashing out on limb. Her well-curated playlists will cater to all that you need to know on what works for you.

4. Shreya Jain – Shreya Jain

Not your average influencer, Shreya explores an Indian make-up series that has various traditional make-up looks up for grabs. Also great at western make-up styles, Shreya recreates various Bollywood celebrity looks. Also, If there’s a product you want know about, go for her as she’s constantly trying out new products on her YouTube channel.

You can find some cool and unconventional looks on her page, including her Katputli (puppet) make-over, Bratz Doll face and Ezra Miller Met Gala recreation! She’s currently doing a Navratri Navrang inspired photo-series on her Instagram which features her as different forms of Durga. She’s also mixing it up by showcasing her daily looks for the 9 days of Navratri and how to nail your every colour-coded outfit for the day!

5. Malvika Sitlani – Malvika Sitlani

The Cosmopolitan Best Beauty Blogger of the Year 2019, Malvika certainly justifies her title. Her YouTube page is full of enchanting make-up tutorials, from trying out the Jasmine from Aladdin look, to getting that JLo glow. If you’re someone who is experimental with their looks and loves bold eye make-up, you’ll find a plethora of options right here.

She does hauls, reviews and tutorials that include tips and tricks to try when doing make-up a well as skincare. Her feed has a very positive vibe and most of her looks are inspired by the her open outlook towards life and people. So after you’re done with trying all her looks, you can view her ‘Sundaze with Malz’ segment where she talks on general topics as well as answers the queries of her subscribers.

6. Debasree Banerjee – Debasree Banerjee

One of the top beauty blogger sin the country, Debasree has something for all. From soft looks to bold makeovers, she has beginner videos to help all aspiring amateurs into pros. She is a YouTuber who dabbles in all things beauty. You can find skincare routines, date make-up ideas, nail art, hair care solutions as well as outfit tips all in one place.

Debasree is very interactive when it comes to her videos, so you can also find her collaborating with many other YouTubers (some are right here in our list!) to create several creative, fun and awesome tutorials that include all the trendy challenges floating on the internet.

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7. Aashna Shroff – Aashna Shroff

A,k,a The Snob Journal, she’s anything but that! A former pre-school teacher, she had a passion for fashion and style. And lo and behold, she’s one of the top fashion bloggers of the country with 163k subscribers! Starting her vlogging journey from 2013, Aashna has definitely come a long way since.

Leaning more towards fashion, she upped her make-up and beauty game as she grew her following. Her showcases product reviews and hair tutorials that you should definitely give a try. Her fashion sense is to die for and how she chooses her make-up looks to match them is a must-watch.

8. Ritika Amru – Beautico

If you are someone who is obsessed with lipsticks, then Ritika is your soul sister. From beautiful mattes to combination lip looks, she’s done it all, She recently some tried New York Fashion week inspired make-up looks and it turned out gorgeous!

From Valentine’s Day to Office looks and from Date night makeovers to Summer inspired ones, you’ll surely find something that’ll work for you. She also tries and tests products that she reviews so hop over if want to know what are the best foundations for oily skin.

9. Jovita George – Mr. Jovita George

If you’re a brown girl navigating the world of beauty, she is your savior. Jovita is a former Miss Kerala pageant winner who currently resides in Kuwait. From DIY’s for pigmented skin to affordable skincare, she’ll give the best tips. Jovita was bullied and called ‘ugly’ because of her darker skin tone. Today, she is all about celebrating her skin and breaking “fair & lovely” stereotypes.

She’ll tell you what cosmetics to buy and what to avoid, especially directed towards Indian skin. You can check out her YouTube channel Mr. Jovita George to find out what lipsticks shades you can mix-and-match with the bright eyeshadows you’ve always wished to wear! And while you’re there, she does cultural specials between different looks that are really fun to watch! See this one for yourself – American v/s French Make-up

10. Aanchal – Aanchal MUA

Constantly experimenting with bright colours and looks, Aanchal ends up with some never-before-thought of combinations that look gorgeous in the end! A qualified make-up artist in special effects, Aanchal uses tricks and tips to push her creative tutorials to the edge. She does a lot of Indian looks, so if you’re wondering what you can try with heavy loaded jewellery, you can look through your Instagram while grooving to the groovy Bollywood music she plays in her videos!

With her brow game on fleek, she plays around with her eye-makeup, while even switching up colourful contacts! She posts many after make-up cleanup routines for skincare, so you know what to do after that party, before you hit that bed. Aanchal is someone who has openly spoken out about her cosmetic surgeries. She also answers questions about what one should do and avoid if they decide to pursue such a treatment. Someone who is constantly keeping track of the newest trends, you trust her reviews to be honest and useful.

Who’s your favourite Beauty YouTuber? Let us know in the comments below!

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Feature Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

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