#Chtrbox Exclusive: Lifestyle Influencer And Mommy Blogger Komal Narang Shares What She Wishes Brands Would Do

She did not plan to be a YouTuber. In fact, she didn’t even make videos. So how did she go from a hotel management executive to the badass fun mom that she is now?

Lifestyle, beauty, parenting and fashion vlogger Komal Narang started out in 2013, with her debut video ’10 Happy Must Do’s’. Today she has 2 channels – MyHappinesz and KomalVlogz that boast 331k and 150k subscribers respectively. Her Instagram account also named, myhapinesz, isn’t much far behind with 216k followers.

For people who don’t know Komal, she has struggled throughout her childhood. She comes from a broken home and an abusive family. Someone who was constantly called a failure because she wasn’t good at academics, she has definitely erased that tag. Komal finished school and with her mother’s support went to Paris to pursue the only thing people thought she was good at – French. Here she later completed a hotel management course simultaneously.

From eating chips every day and doing all sorts of odd jobs to make it in a foreign land she finally found her feet. It was then when her husband entered her life and lo and behold. She credits him for instilling the confidence that has got her where she is today.

Komal’s philosophy in life is “to be happy, and make others happier”. Her main objective to start blogging was to spread positivity, empower women and make friends. She believes a woman can do anything in her life if only she learns to ignore what society labels her as and rather does what she wants to.

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Inspired by Komal’s moving story we asked her some questions that we were dying to know answers to. Check them out!

Q1. What’s your influencer story? How did you become the content creator that you are today?

I did hotel management from Paris and worked with a lot of hotels before starting YouTube. I used to love my job. After I got married, my husband and I shifted to Dubai for about a year, I had nothing to do, so I used to watch a lot of YouTube videos. I slowly gained interest in it guess what? I started to make my own!

Q2. What do want brands to do or consider before they collaborate with you? What brands do you love working with?

I love working with brands that would give me freedom to create content. It’s very important for a creator and brand to have that kind of understanding. Recently we collaborated with one of Hilton’s properties and they gave me complete freedom to create content for them, completely the way I like it.

Q3. What is your biggest struggle as an influencer?

The struggle is that other people feel that this work is very easy. It’s a piece of cake. It is important that people know that vlogging requires effort and dedication.

Q4. What’s a misconception you think people have about influencers?

Most influencers are bashed and are called sellouts for having collaborations. People forget that everyone has their bills to pay and there are so many brands that are rejected if we do not like the products.

Q5. There are many lifestyle influencers in India now. What is it that makes you stand apart?

I was one of the first people who started vlogging in India. Eventually it turned out to be family (parenting) vlogging which was also extremely rare. So I think I have made my niche there.


Her videos are fun, simple and not at all gimmicky. Her open way of talking, which btw is very conversational, will lure you into watching one of her videos, then another and another…. well you get the drift!

We got some videos of Komal that we love and you can check them out right here!

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