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Have you been challenged? Check out our favourite social media challenges going on during the lockdown!

Social media has been buzzing consistently since the lockdown, rightfully so, as people are spending more time on social media while staying at home. Today, social media challenges help us feel connected to one another and gives us a sense of being in touch with people. This not only helps us stay calm but also feeds our need for social interaction

Taylor Loren, the head of content marketing at Later in an article for the  NY Times said – “These challenges all started when people began to stay home and go into quarantine, Instagram usage has risen a lot in the past couple weeks and these challenges are way for people to interact with their friends and stay entertained while they have to stay home.” 

We believe it’s a great way for people to stay safe and connected with their friends and audiences.

Here are our 5 favourite social media challenges that are going on during the COVID 19 outbreak :

Until Tomorrow 

If you are on Instagram or Facebook you may have received a message saying “Since you liked my post you need to upload a cringy photo of yourself and let it remain on your feed for 24 hours with the caption “until tomorrow.” This fun challenge pushed everyone to search for a half-decent cringy picture that they can show to all their friends and families.  It’s all about doing something different.

2. Fitness challenges

All over Instagram and Tiktok fitness challenges are going viral. There are several different kinds and different levels of them. However, all these challenges promote wellness and motivate people to stay fit during the quarantine. It also gives an opportunity for fitness and health influencers to take the centre stage. There never has been a better time to motivate your audience to get fit. One of the popular fitness challenges is the #Plankchallenge as you can see below. What are you waiting for? Try a fitness challenge now!

3. Dance Challenges

You must have seen this dance all over the internet. This viral dance challenge started on TikTok and soon moved to Instagram and Facebook. In every few weeks, we see a new dance challenge going viral on the internet as we witness the longevity of every trend decreasing. These fun internet dances can be challenging and time-consuming to learn. So try them out alone or with your partner. Don’t forget to tag us when you share them.

4. Story Templates – This or That, Bingo and Gif Mood 

Template posts have been an ongoing trend for months now, however, since people have more time now they are searching for ways to connect with their audiences more creatively. This or That is one such format where a person shares their choices of things and nominates others to do the same.

Social media challenge this or that

Another popular challenge is Bingo, where you mark the kind of things you’ve completed of something extremely niche. This has been popular with schools and colleges as it connects people with nostalgia.

Sweet tooth bingo example


People are even sharing their reactions or favourite items by gifs with formats that ask you about your mood, your favourite food, etc.

Social media challenge bingo and about me templates

These are all fun challenges that hel people connect with each other and learn something new about each other.

5. Female Empowerment Challenge

 Though not original we have seen these female-oriented challenges are making a come-back. This challenge is simple and extremely sweet. Though there are several versions of it, usually they all have a beautiful quote or a very uplifting paragraph about women. This pure challenge helps women bond together and show each other how much they appreaciate one another.

The challenge is to simply tag women ahead to let them know how you think about them e.g. Sister’s challenges, beautiful woman social media challenges, etc. In general, these are uplifting and encourage women to support women. 



On 9th April Akshay Kumar took to social media to genuinely thank everyone that is working out there. He did this by sharing a post of him holding a placard with “#DilSeThankYou” written on it. This quickly got picked up as Katrina Kaif, Sonali Bindra and other celebrities used the format to thank the front line heroes too. 

It isn’t a challenge in the traditional format however, it is a hashtag and a format that truly shows respect and love for the people risking their lives for us. Therefore we couldn’t help but include it.

That’s our list! Have you tried any of these social media challenges yet? Chtrbox has templates that a part of the thank you hour and a fun quiz.

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Stay home and stay safe!

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