From our CEO: Influencer Marketing Updates During Lockdown

Hi, hope this finds you & your team well! 

Sharing a few quick insights on how Digital India (including Influencers) is responding to lockdown: 

1) We did an analysis on the Chtrbox platform to monitor what are the top hashtags being used by influencers on Instagram in the last 30 days. While new hashtags such as #stayhome #staysafe #corona #quarantine have made it to the charts, what’s good to see is that it’s still notably behind typically top trending hashtags like #love #happy #music #dance #food #family #instalike #picoftheday. The digital mood of India is significantly positive, & consumers are turning to their favourite creators & accounts more than ever. In these unprecedented times, here are tips on how to best WFH with Influencers

2) Brands in the following sectors are most active with Influencers – FMCG (essentials), Food, Healthcare, Retail, OTT, Gaming, BFSI, Entertainment, Fitness, Home & Parenting, etc. Brands from other categories (Beauty, Apparel, Auto, Travel, Technology Gadgets, etc) are looking at innovative ways to build deeper connects with their consumers, & build towards pre-orders & plans for post lockdown.

3) Creativity & engagement is at an all time high – From innovative social media challenges, cook-offs, dance & fitness challenges to new ways to share info about yourself & tag friends with fun templated quizzes & slambook formats. Using or creating AR filters on both Instagram & TikTok are great ways to make varied, visually interesting content from home, where consumers are otherwise limited for fun backdrops. Livestream / webinars / fully digital events have also skyrocketed in popularity. It’s a great medium for intimate, engaging conversations to take place. 

Lots of opportunities here with the right influencers: by powering fun challenges & templates on Insta & TikTok, using branded AR filters for an additional dose of fun & games, host panels with influencers & industry experts to discuss trends, etc. 

4) Influencers want to amplify good efforts in creative ways: Beyond CSR, letting your consumers know about the good work that you do also provides a meaningful brand building opportunity. We’ve seen a number of creative strategies to help fundraise, for eg: where if someones participates or donates, they become eligible to engage with an influencer or celebrity. We are currently running similar campaigns under our #Chtr4Good initiative. 

Let us know if we can be of any help, & do share with team members who may find it useful.


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