#CHTR4GOOD: Influencers, here’s how to encourage donations from your audiences

Hey influencers!

We think it’s awesome you’re interested in helping fundraise for needed causes during this time. Let’s use our influence for good! With the lockdown extended in many parts of India, it is urgent that we continue to extend support to those in need. If you are interested in becoming a part of a not for profit #Chtr4Good campaign where we share worthy causes with you, please indicate your interest here.

Whether you have your own fundraiser/cause or doing one for #Chtr4Good, here are some tips to engage with your audience!

Free strategies to encourage donations from followers:

  • Top 10 donors will receive a shoutout from you; (if receipt is DM’d to you)
  • For the top 5 or random selection of 5 donors, you shall personally connect with them (mode of communication to be decided) for a one-on-one with you;
  • All stories shared by the audience with the relevant tags shall be reposted by you;
  • If you cross the target amount to be raised, you will take 3 randomly selected donors live with you
  • You will answer any 3 questions of the top 10 donors on social media along with a shoutout
  • For the top 5 donors, you share a personal video message specifically with the donor thanking them;
  • The highest donors can be featured in a takeover video with the you

Ways to continue engaging with your audience

  • Start a countdown to when your donation timeline for fundraising stops on your stories
  • Share updates on where donation funds have gone
  • Keep cheering on and highlighting people who donate

Thanks so much! Your work is appreciated <3

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