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Creative ways Indian brands are reaching audiences during COVID-19

Engaging with your audience during a global crisis is a more challenging task than most would realise. Times like these are what require us to be smart and empathetic to everyone else. Brands have taken up the challenge and are working on making staying at home a tad bit more attractive.

Brands today are faced with a unique opportunity and challenge where they’re required to stay creatively engaged with their customers. People are spending more time on social media and now is the best time to create a bond with them. 

Let’s take a look at what tactics brands are applying to stay connected with their audiences!

Live videos, webinars

Brands working on video call from home
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There has been a boost in live videos on all platforms but especially Instagram and Zoom. We can see big and small brands starting to truly adopt live streaming as a medium to reach and connect with people via seminars, live Q&A formats, etc.

Free Content

Brands offer free content
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Brands across the spectrum are making paid content freely available to people. Whether you’d like to watch, learn and explore new things all kinds of content is available. This is a simple technique that creates an audience’s habits. The idea is that if people get used to the content and the brand now, they will be ready to buy it when the chance comes through. This is why it is extremely important to keep up with your audience and keep their attention on you. 

Great examples of brands offering free access:


The use of Tik Tok has increased
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TikTok was already on a rise, however, with people spending more time on the internet there has been a boost on TikTok too. We can see how brands are truly accepting TikTok for its naturally viral and entertaining content. We can see a rise in brands using TikTok live and create entertaining content on it that is more natural to the platform. 

Tik Tok itself partnered with a huge variety of celebrities from Dr Phil to Alicia Keys and everyone in the middle to launch #HappyAtHome:Live. The program runs with different themes for every day of the week Monday through Friday. It has themes like Motivation Monday, Kick Back Tuesday, Show & Tell Wednesday, EduTok Thursday and Sound Check Friday. Its purpose is to entertain people and help make them feel more comfortable at home. 

Employee generated content – EGC 

More than a tactic this is a smart move to show the people behind a company. From company-wide social media challenges, and creative ways of connecting & presenting teams in digital ways, we can truly see brands bring their employees to the forefront and let them shine more so than ever.  It also pulls back the curtains and shows appreciation to the people who run the show.

Last but not least: here’s a quick checklist to think through when you’re planning upcoming content for your brand:

  • Is there a risk the brand comes across profiteering or opportunistic?
  • Will the content not contribute to a sense of panic?
  • Does the content encourage or promote dangerous social behavior (ie face-touching, social gathering)?
  • Does the content make assumptions about the audience’s current lifestyle, situation, or access resources? 
  • Will the content impact the relationship of any partner? Should the choice to continue or pause be a joint decision?
  • Is the tone of the content appropriate for the current situation? Does it make light?
  • Does the content provide value for consumers?
  • Is the brand in a position to contribute to CSR initiatives in a powerful way?
  • Does the campaign promote brand ethos?

Source : Ogilvy USA

In conclusion, these are some ways we’ve seen brands adapt to difficult times. Brands have truly stepped up to their responsibility to entertain and share responsible information. It has been a difficult time for us all however, like every challenging time this too shall pass.

What content has your favourite brand been making? Share it with us in the comments below!

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