Can 3rd World Countries merge the Physical & Digital worlds faster?

Marriage of the physical world with the digital world can help countries leapfrog into the future and developing world might have the resource to do it really really fast.

Humans act us a great resource to collect, tag and input the data from the advent of internet. Google Street View had cars driven all over the world by people, Captcha creating inputs using people, Wikipedia was built by people, Zomato built the largest restaurant menu catalog in the world using people. Examples are numerous.

Project: Building a Yelp! for salons and spas in India wanted to expand to more cities after tasting success in Delhi, Mumbai, and etc. How can they quickly add data of all local salons and spa on their platform?

We created a simple task-flow for our users to participate in campaign — complete these tasks to give valuable data back to our client.

Data gathered include the exact GPS locations, contact details, rate cards, services, opening-closing times and all other forms of metadata they needed to make their platform rich.

All this at a fraction of a cost — no hiring, retention or collection headache on our clients end.

We are talking to a few very big (undisclosed) names and are really excited by the great work that lies ahead of us. We want to solve the “WHAT IF” of “what if we had all the data in the world”

This campaign was delivered by Youth:ink that has been now acquired into Chtrbox.
This article has been adapted from the original article.