5 Photo Editing Apps To Get Your Instagram Game On Point

If you want to up your Instagram game, go through this curation of our favourite photo editing apps that would help anyone ace their Instagram profile look. In this article, we share an app mix that would cater to your different editing needs ranging from font overlays to vintage filters to collages.

VSCOCam is a go to for thousands of Bloggers because this app provides some awe-inspiring filters and effects. While Instagram already has a bunch of cool filters to pick from, VSCO Cam would be the perfect choice for you if you love curating images and being a part of a community that shares your common interests.

Hyperlapse, an offering by Instagram, lets you create stunning Timelapse and Hyperlapse videos. This app is the perfect pick if you want to stir things up a little and steer away from still imagery for added Instagram glam!

Pic Stitch
Pic Stitch lets you put together more than one image into a frame. The app is clean and does the job effortlessly while providing you options of different frame settings and filters.

If you’re someone who drools over those vintage looking photographs or prefer classic looks to your imagery, Hipstamatic is the best bet for you. With a whole bunch of filters, lenses, films and flash options this app will provide you all that you desire for the perfect chic photo.

Font Candy
While it is always said that images capture attention better than text does, sometimes the help of words is just what is needed to kick it. Font Candy gives you the freedom to overlay text onto your images. A list of fonts, washes and symbols are offered by this app to make your images speak louder.

Make your life easier by downloading these awesome apps that will help you put that oomph in your pictures and slay at the Instagram game.