Top 10 Food Blogger in India

10 Indian Food Bloggers You Need To Follow

From Healthy Recipes to DIY Dinners or the Hottest Joints in town, here’s a list of 10 of our favourite Indian Food Bloggers who are here to ensure that we have the best food experiences ever.

  1. Roxanne Bamboat – The Tiny Taster

    A food explorer, Roxanne finds herself scouting the city for the best foodexperiences and documents it on her blog. She is obsessed with food when she is not watching movies or traveling.
    10 Indian Food Bloggers to Follow

  2. Nandita Iyer – Saffron Trails

    A Doctor armed with Nutritional specialization, Nandita simplifies her recipes in her blog and shares easy & quick fixes. A writer and a published columnist, she shares her thought and food in this space.
    10 Indian Food Bloggers to Follow

  3. Adarsh Munjal – The Big Bhookad

    Adarsh AKA The Big Bhookad feels that it is his responsibility to share with his audience reliable recommendations to help have best food experiences.
    10 Indian Food Bloggers to Follow

  4. Kalyan Karmakar – Finely Chopped

    Winner of numerous FBAI Awards, Kalyan’s blog is where he shares his immense passion about food and related experiences.
    10 Indian Food Bloggers to Follow

  5. Richa Hingle – Vegan Richa

    A writer, recipe developer and a photographer, Richa uses her blog to share with her readers everything Vegan under the sun. She also has a published book of vegetarian recipes.

    10 Indian Food Bloggers to Follow

  6. Perzen Patel – Bawi Bride

    In her own words, Perzen cites Bawa Bride as the documentation of her attempt to master Parsi food and glorify it by all means.
    10 Indian Food Bloggers to Follow

  7. Ronak Rajani – Mumbai Foodie

    What started as food passion project for Ronak, eventually evolved into a referral guide for foodies in India. The blog has a curatio nof the best food and drinks from the city.

    10 Indian Food Bloggers to Follow

  8. Rajeswari Vijayanad – Raks Kitchen

    An accidental blogger, Rajeswari started documenting her cooking experiences based on her mom and mother in law’s recipes. The blog consists of experimental and successful recipes.
    10 Indian Food Bloggers to Follow

  9. Amrita – Life ki Recipe

    Amrita, in her blog, shares interesting recipe, tips on avoiding kitchen goof ups and reviews on products and restaurants.
    10 Indian Food Bloggers to Follow

  10. Nags – Edible Garden

    Nothing fancy but easy and delicious recipes is what covers most of Nags’ blog in her own words. Having lived in many countries across the globe, she covers her escapades with different cultural foods.
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