Livon Case Study, influencer marketing

Salon Nahi Livon | Case Study


Livon wanted to reinforce its brand proposition and communication for its Hair Serum among young college going girls. Chtrbox, through a network of passionate Campus Influencers, delivered an extremely engaging campaign that created ripples in campus & on digital across key markets in India.


As a brand, Livon was looking for an innovative approach to engage the college going girl TG, and drive the functional proposition for its Hair serum, and encourage sampling of the product to provide hands-on experience, and create a social media buzz around the product.

Trials of the product were required in order to gain conversion, influence buying beahviour & eventually sales. Along with sampling, it was important for the brand to build trust & need based on recommendations of peers.


Chtrbox leveraged the brand hashtags – ‘PrettyGirlSwag’ and ‘SalonNahiLivon’ as the campaign identities across 2 cycles, that would attach a more practical attribute to the product. The idea was to appeal to girls who although wanted fabulous looking hair but could also save up on salon expenses by using the Livon Hair Serum.

The campaign was spearheaded by Livon Girl Ambassadors who were chosen via a screening process of multiple stages. These influencers or ambassaodors were picked on the basis of their social scores, passion for beauty & hair, and access to the relevant target group for Livon among other aspects.

1750 girls from an application pool of 6500+ entries were picked to be the Livon Ambassadors across cycles in 7 target cities. The role of these ambassadors was to communicate brand knowledge both online and offline to their peers. They positively impacted people by reaching out to their close and extended network and encourage product trial and conversions.

The other important aspect that resulted in the success of the Livon campaign was the extent of social media outreach and experience amplification via campaign and product relevant timeline posts, pictures, videos, tweets and Instagram pictures.

As a result of the wide social media outreach, the message was amplified owing to the succeeding multiplication in the form of user generated content that caused 160k+ product trials and about 1mn+ social media engagements.

The impact of the campaign was personified with the touch of personal experience and peer recommendations which helped in terms of brand trial and awareness. Furthermore, the wide social media outreach resulted in an even wider production of user generated content that progressively added more credibility and trust to the brand name.


As a result of the #PrettyGirlSwag &#SalonNahiLivon campaigns, Chtrbox along with Livon was able to muster 160k+ product trials in collegs, 15k+ Social Media Posts and about 1mn+ Engagements on Social Media.


I like to reinvent myself — it’s part of my job.#LivonSerum #SalonNahinLivon #livoncampusambassador

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I didn’t want to go out but my hair looked too good to stay in.💃🏻❣ #SalonNahinLivon

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The ultimate objective of the campaign was met successfully in terms of garnering product sampling and creating a widespread buzz online and offline. A follow up research activity showed a significant increase in mind share, recall, brand awareness and loyalty.