Why Explainer Videos Are Great For Marketing

Videos are a great way to build engagement with the audience and kick start a
conversation about your business. It is a direct way of reaching out to your audience
and introducing your brand to them. It is a short and attractive way of visually
representing your brand and explaining your business products and services to people.
Explainer videos are one such technique that can help your business educate your
clients about your niche. Explainer videos for marketing are also seen as the best way
to increase the chances of client conversion and boost sales for the business. Let us
through this article understand why explainer videos are great for marketing and
why influencer marketing companies in India often adopt this strategy in their
marketing initiatives.
What are Explainer Videos?
Explainer videos are short informative videos that are often used for educational,
marketing, and sales purposes. The video focuses on explaining business ideas,
products, services, and various concepts in a simple way. It simplifies the business
concepts to the viewers and explains about what the business in a way that people can
understand. The explainer video is also used by influencer marketing companies in
India to highlight the company’s products, services, and business in a compelling
manner. You may come across short explainer videos on the business website’s home
pages, social media profile, explaining the brand, its products, services, and business
values. These types of videos are today extremely popular and used by most
businesses to boost conversion rates on their website.
Who needs Explainer Videos?
Explainer videos are beneficial for any type of business that wishes to increase its client
conversion rates and boost its sales. These videos are used as a part of marketing, and
sales strategy to promote business in a short, simple, and effective way. Popularly used
in industries like healthcare, education, retail, consulting, and technology-based
industry these explainer videos are used for promoting business in an innovative yet
effective way. Be it a small-sized, mid-sized, or large-scale business, they can
showcase their brand and highlight their products and services in a simple way that is
easy for their potential customers to understand. Today most influencer marketing
companies in India recommend user explainer videos to promote brands and businesses
across industries.
Why Explainer Videos Are Great For Marketing
Videos are an enticing way to grab the attention of the audience. It is especially
effective for creating engagement and to strike interest among the audience. YouTube
which is one of the second largest search engines after Google is a proof of how popular
and successful videos are among users in the industry. Explainer videos are powerful
marketing tools that help businesses communicate and convey their message to their
potential customers. It is a simple yet effective way for businesses to advertise their
brand and engage with viewers efficiently. Just a simple share of a short video on
YouTube increases visibility and chances of ranking high online. Same way sharing
explainer videos on social media, will boost your business’s reach to a wide audience
and enhance the overall visibility of the business. Explaining more on this we have
covered how beneficial an explainer video can be for businesses in the article below.
Grab Attention
Users have a very short attention span in general and in this cluttered digital world
gaining the audience’s attention is very challenging. However, videos are one way to
grab the audience’s attention and get noticed. An explainer video is an incredible way to
not just promote business to the audience but also an effective way to communicate
with the audience gain their attention. As compared to the traditional web content users
today prefer innovative and engaging content. So, an animated explainer video is the

best way to spark curiosity in users to watch your video online and learn about your
Higher Conversion Rate
Online videos have always been the best strategy for marketing businesses in the
digital world. Engaging and interesting Videos are bound to grab attention and also
increase the chances of client conversion. So creating a short explainer video is one
stunning way to convey the brand message to the audience and connect with them
online. The engagement that it sparks also facilitates a high conversion rate. Studies
have also suggested that in comparison to other marketing strategies, explainer videos
have always outperformed in terms of client conversion. Adding an explainer video on
the website will significantly boost the conversion rate and help grow the business. So,
for these reasons, we strongly believe why explainer videos are great for
Simple & Easy Communication
Explainer videos are short and crisp content, conveying messages in a clear and precise
manner. They need not be lengthy and complicated, unlike the regular videos. Explainer
videos simply highlight the products and services offerings of a business in short or
briefly. So, this makes it simple and easy for viewers to understand what the business
is all about in just a few seconds. An explainer video is an effective way to explain your
business to the audience and instantly connect with them.
Increase Web Traffic SEO
Videos can significantly increase web traffic and also enhance the chances of client
conversion. People prefer learning about a brand, product, or service through a video
than through lengthy blogs or boring print advertisements. So, using short explainer
videos will not just grab the audience’s attention but also hook them to your platform
for a long since the videos are designed to be short, simple, and attractive. Informative,
creative, and crisp videos have always proved to work wonders for brands in terms of
gaining organic traffic, engagement, and even client conversion. All of this benefits your
brand in terms of search engine rankings online. With this, businesses will also witness
a spike in traffic exponentially. Moreover, if the videos are interesting then users may
spend more time on your page thereby increasing the chances of client conversion.
In the fast-paced digital world where people prefer getting information at their
fingertips, explainer videos are the best choice for business promotion to convey their
message and connect with the audience instantly. It is evident that videos are the most
popular choice among viewers to learn about new brands, products, and services. These
explainer videos will work wonders for brands looking to connect with customers quickly
without wasting much of their time. The simplicity, convenience, and time factor are
the reasons why explainer videos are great for marketing. In most cases, these
videos are the determining factor for the success of business marketing and their brand
campaigns online.

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