Influencer Tips: What do brands look for in influencers?

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If you, as an influencer, are looking to attract brands to collaborate with you, we’re here to help you!

Chtrbox is here to connect you with the best of brands, however, to increase your chances you must make sure your best foot is kept forward.

Here are a few quick tips and areas you should focus on to up your Instagram game and attract more brands.

Quality Following & Authentic Engagement Activity

Yes, we know the numbers don’t matter (rather shouldn’t) but when a brand is contemplating whether to work with you or not, numbers matter a lot (sorry!). Brand managers their own target numbers to reach and in business, the number of followers you have, matters. With a simple google search, you can find multiple tips to increase your following through the type of content you post, hashtags you use, etc.

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However, may we tell you numbers are not the only thing at play here. Your following to engagement ratio is an extremely important aspect of your profile. As a rule of thumb, if you are a nanoinfluencer, your target should be 10%-20% engagement, and as a microinfluencer, 8-10% engagement. Engagement rates tend to decrease with followership as more people follow you who aren’t as intimately knowledgable about you. While you are in early stages of growing your followerbase, make sure to take advantage of a high engagement rate to get noticed! (But avoid bots and any fake engagement tactics – there are many tools to detect fraudulent behaviour including our own RealChtr. )

Interesting Content that follows a specific Theme

A major deal-breaker for most brands is usually the quality of the content you create. After all, you are a content creator first and then an influencer.

Even if you only have a following of around 1,000 to 2,000 you can easily get brand offers if your content is mind-blowing. By this, we mean the quality of the images you take, the way you portray yourself, your writings and your overall profile. The more creative you are, the better.

All brands want well-made content for their own social media pages and are usually interested in collaboration if an influencer has good skills and are willing to take an extra step to help the brand connect with their audiences.

Pro Tip – Even if you don’t have enough following, having great content on your profile boosts your chances of getting brands to collaborate with.

Your previous brand collaborations

It’s the old question, what comes first the chicken or the egg. Brands usually want to deal with professional influencers and do not want to waste their time wondering if you do brand collaborations or not. Just leaving your contact information for “business enquiries” is not enough. You must make sure you have some content or post that shows the brand managers what kind of content they can expect from you if they would collaborate with you.

Pro Tip – Doing some barter deals or free deals can really help you build up your content and put you on the radar for other brands searching for influencers. Sign up to Chtrbox and express your interest in FunBox for barter deals!

The comments on your posts

Comments on instagram posts

Apart from everything above this is a brand manager’s sure shot way to know about your profile’s health. It helps a brand manager understand the kind of audience you have. This will help them know whether your audience is a good fit for their brand or not. Make sure you do quality control over the kind of audience and comments you have. Say bye-bye to nasty creepy comments without a look back.

Replying to your audience doesn’t just help with you algorithm but it also helps brand know you are invested in your audience. This shows the brand manager that you have a genuine interest in your audience and in return if the audience has a genuine interest in you.

There you have it, an insider look into what brands look for when searching for influencers. No matter your niche, if you’re a campus influencer, mom influencer or working professional influencer you should definitely keep these points in mind.

Which pro tip did you like the best? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below and let us know!

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