Top 8 Indian Fitness Influencers That Will Motivate You To Hit The Gym Right Now

Fitness is not a choice anymore, but a lifestyle

Getting fit is all the fad right now. With celebrity influencers like Tiger Shroff and Sara Ali Khan talking about being healthy and eating right, we too cashed in all the #fitnessgoals to bring you 8 of the Top Fitness Influencers that will have you push a little more at the gym.

1. Gurbani Judge (A.K.A Bani J/ VJ Bani)@banij

From her former Roadies days, Bani J has come a long long way. Today she challenges gender stereotypes that proclaim body-building is not for “beautiful” women. Her most recent project for the hit web series Four More Shots Please, only reinstates the power this woman has over the masses. It’s interesting to note that she plays a fitness trainer in the series and if that’s not saying something about her prowess then we don’t know what can.

Motivated, driven and someone who came from anonymity, Boasting 1.1M followers, Bani J’s Instagram profile is #fitnessmodel101. Redefining fitness for women, she implores them to ‘not just listen to your trainer’ but to go ahead and invest time and gain knowledge about what would work best for them.

2. Guru Mann @ gurumann

A certified advanced fitness trainer, Guru Mann is the guy you consult if you decide to start a fitness regime. His most popular regimes include the Muscular 8 and Lean Mode programs that are aimed at bulking up muscle and shedding muscle for a lean look respectively. His USP is that his Instagram feed is filled with tips for anyone looking to hit the gym, from an amateur to a professional.

Mann is also a nutrition specialist and not only does he gives out healthy options and meals for his 1.4M followers, he busts myths associated with food intake. He has also associated himself the #FitIndia movement and has rallied to beat health problems and like cholesterol, diabetes, high BP and drug rehab. An avid supporter of eating healthy, you won’t find him chugging those crazy protein shakes. If you are just starting your fitness journey, Mann is definitely a great way to go!

3. Thakur Anoop Singh@thakur_anoopsingh

Why does that face look familiar? That’s cause you’ve seen Thakur Anoop Singh play the bad guy in quite a few of Tollywood movies. Just FYI, a former Mr.Asia (2015) and Mr.World (2015), Singh is a seasoned bodybuilder, so if you want to muscle up, he’s the guy you go to – his 1.4 million followers would surely agree!

Singh not only posts his gym routines but also likes to mix them up. He dabbles in dance and martial arts to keep fit. Day to day motivation is his thing and he’ll keep you pushing till you become a better version of yourself.

4. Shweta Rathore@ishwetarathore

Another woman breaking gender stereotypes, Shweta Rathore is the first Indian woman to win the International Physique Athlete Miss World title. She’ll show you how to make rock-hard abs look great on yourself and the amount of effort and hard-work required to get there.

A well known fitness icon, she’ll teach you how to work those quadriceps just the right way. You know you can rely on her to push you to achieve your dreams and passions through her constant motivational posts. As a fitness enthusiast, Rathore advises her followers to find discipline and try to stick to a good exercise regime that works well for them.

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5. Yasmin Karachiwala –@yasminkarachiwala

Being a celebrity fitness trainer for 22 years, Yasmin is the one who’s behind the toned and sculpted bodies Katrina, Priyanka and many more Bollywood actresses boast. A pioneer in introducing Pilates to the Indian masses, she started the first ever Pilates studio, which is sought after amongst the tinsel-town.

She constantly posts relevant content including body area targeted exercises for anyone who wants a sneak peek into what it’s like to be trained by her. A cool thing about Yasmin is that she uses various different equipment for her exercise routines so anyone new to such contraptions will definitely know not to go in head-first. Her mantra is to make the body fit and the mind strong for a healthier, happier lifestyle. If you think Pilates is something you want to try, do not give her a miss.

6. Ranveer Allahbadia@beerbiceps

This guy is your actual fat to fit story model. Ranveer is someone who knows what it is to be obese and a health scare at the age of 16 gave him the reality check he needed to pursue a better lifestyle. He is one of those guys who won’t push to the gym daily but he will tell how to switch to a healthier lifestyle and better exercise options.

Ranveer strongly recommends not to go on a strict diet crash course as it lead to relapse faster than you think. His main mantra is spreading positivity for the body and mind, cutting down one vice at a time. If you are someone who wants to shed those kilos not for the looks but for the long run, he’s the best mentor out there.

7. Sangram Chougule@sangram_chougule_official

If you’re someone who loves to grind at the gym and need someone to guide you through all that dead-lifting, there is no better choice than Sangram. A Mr. Universe, Mr. World and Mr.India title holder, Sangram can teach you hard-work and discipline go hand in hand.

The bodybuilder from Kolhapur is associated with a German fitness planning app that aims at helping anyone looking to build some hardcore muscle. From basic training techniques to the pro level Kingmaster workout, there is so much that you can take away from his profile.

8. Namrata Purohit@namratapurohit

When she wasn’t a Pilates instructor, Purohit was playing squash at the national level. When an unfortunate accident ended any chances of her returning to the game, she found the power of Pilates. The youngest certified Stott Pilates instructor, Namrata opened her own studio and now it is humming with celebrities who seek her master training.

Namrata’s feed will show you how to work your body and help achieve flexibility by mixing up poses. Her reputation as the official trainer for Mumbai City FC 2014 and the Femina Miss India pageant has made her a favorite in the fitness industry. Bright and inspirational, you’ve gotta check out her feed if you want to challenge yourself with something new everyday!

It’s difficult to balance your work and health with the hectic lifestyle we all live. But with the help of these influencers you can find just the right equation.

Tell us who you love to to get your fitness advice from! Did they make the cut?

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