Funbox Is Out! Chtrbox Launches A New Gifting Service For Influencers

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For all the Iinfluencers out there, we at Chtrbox have some great news in time for the holiday season! Chtrbox has launched a new gifting service called Funbox, it’s time to unbox some lovely gifts!

Through Funbox, influencers will be able to get their hand on and review new and latest products by various brands. At Chtrbox we realised that unboxings with influencers are often a missed opportunity, and we want to make it fun and easy for brands as well as influencers.

With the simple gesture of gifting, Funbox offers brands a solution to get their products in front of relevant influencers, build & strengthen meaningful relations, and most importantly get authentic reviews and earned media.  

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Feature Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash

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