Influencer marketing

Top 3 Marketing elements That Influencers Get Right

Marketing is getting the art of storytelling right. It’s the only way you can speak to your customer. Digital influencers open the other door for you. It is the most efficient way in which your customers can speak to you and engage with your products.

The social media landscape has never been more dynamic. The moment you think that you have cracked the hideous code to grow your Instagram followers, Instagram drops a bomb by changing its algorithm on how posts are discovered. After several requests of your social media intern, when you eventually set aside a big chunk of your budget to promote your business through paid ads on Facebook, you are stung by a news piece about people spending lesser and lesser time on Facebook. However, you are beaming in your chair because your blog outreach program is inviting new customers to your website every fortnight. But guess what, your up-to-date next door neighbor reminds you that if you are not on Youtube, are you even alive on the internet?

Marketing was never one size fits all. However, there seemed to be a standardized methodology to marketing back in the days.

Remember when full-page ads meant more sales. 10 AM radio ads meant half the country knows about your brand. My personal favorite, billboards. They changed how the cities looked forever. Then came the television wearing a black cape that read DISRUPTION in bright yellow. Now, brands could get into your living room or your kids’ room to sell products. At 8 PM every day, they yelled at you only to denounce that your dinner sucked. And going to your nearby pizza joint is the only way to make your life significantly better. Television rendered advertising on newspaper unappealing and boring. Marketing was never one size fits all. There was no perfect formula. However, there seemed to be a standardized methodology to marketing back in the days.

Only 3 determinants stay constant the People, the Creative and the Story and when these elements collide in an advertisement, a consumer is created

Dynamics of marketing magnifies into each of these things, but there are only 3 determinants that stay constant the People, the Creative and the Story. When these 3 things collide in an advertisement, a customer is created. Influencer marketing strikes when the iron is hot by getting these elements under the same roof. Influencers are some of the top content creators, they story-tell for a niche that religiously follow their craft. Marketing on Social media agrees with the idea that content is the king but creativity in the queen. The more creative your content, the more consumable it gets and subsequently, a larger set of audience learns about your brand.

Today we live in an era where the best and the brightest minds are trying to score digital ad clicks. An age so dynamic where you need to strike the right chord between not being too intrusive and not being away from your consumer. Only brands that fill the perfect void for the consumer through their ads survive. The rest simply disappear. We feel that influencers bring in the most value for your money in the marketing world where content rules.