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How Reliance Jewels Flashed The Perfect Marketing Jewellery?

Come February, Valentine’s Day vibes start to float around all over your Facebook feed. As if that wasn’t enough, your family Whatsapp groups cannot stop forwarding jokes on the nuances of the married life. When in a relationship, you have to devote early days of February looking for products that could ideally be gifted to your valentine. Usually, this is the month where the big bucks come out and relentlessly get converted into presents. Reliance Jewels seized this opportunity and used influencers on social media to create quick brand awareness.

As influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity, more and more brands are streamlining their social media marketing strategies

Reliance Jewels sourced influencers through Chtrbox. They worked with both macro and micro to promote jewellery on Instagram. These content creators (Read: influencers) got an opportunity to personally try their favorite jewellery at their retail outlets across India. The activity prompted a string of positive sentiments about relationships between two individuals on Instagram.

This marketing initiative was premised upon the idea that love shouldn’t only be expressed between innate couples, but should be ubiquitous and be expressed between any two individuals. Between a brother and a sister, a mother and a daughter, and any other form of endearment. Reliance Jewels kick-started the campaign around Valentine’s Day and continued it throughout the week. They used #EveryDayIsLoveDay to give an additional flair to the campaign.

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Reliance Jewels handpicked top 20 influencers from diverse categories across beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Chtrbox tool sorted influencers from a plethora of profiles based on key metrics like followers, location, tags, engagement, etc. Reliance jewellery is a brand that believes influencer marketing creates direct brand awareness for the generation X.  They spend the maximum time on social media today. Influencers have a genuine network of followers that look up to them for daily tips and advice. This would make Reliance jewels the go-to brand for their followers. Reliance Jewels understands the power of digital word of mouth and that it’s only natural that these influencers would diffuse interesting chatter about the brand on Instagram.

Top Chtrbox Influencers for Reliance Jewels –

Surbhi Suri

Palak Joshi

Simran Gill

Hetal Gada

Micro influencers added some steam too!

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As influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity, more and more brands are streamlining their social media marketing strategies. Marketing evangelists suggest that Influencer Marketing is on its way to transforming marketing on mobile phones.

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