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Some top Indian Mom Macro & Micro Influencers you have to watch out for!

“Mother knows best” is a line that has been ingrained in us for years now. In the digital world, it has converted into a niche of content of mommy influencers.

Mom influencers are usually Instagrammers, YouTubers, Tiktokers or website bloggers based on exploring the mom life. Apart from flooding Instagram with the pictures of their adorable children and their stories, they also are a great pick for brands to work with. This is because people are more likely to believe the words of a mother than a teenager. We at Chtrbox have used mom influencers and mom bloggers successfully for many kidswear, beauty products and food products campaigns.

Over the past year, we have seen a rise in mommy influencers and rightfully so, other mothers enjoy listening to parenting advice and looking for hacks. It is a very tight community of people which, to no surprise, is extremely organised.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our picks of mommy influencers for their content and their creativity for brand endorsements. The article is a mix of micro and macro influencers to give you a perspective and give credits to the budding new mom creators.

1) Monika

This mommy influencer doesn’t just introduce her audiences to new brands and products but also writes inspiring and beautiful quotes. She calls her Instagram page Sweet Sunshine blog and it truly is one with pictures of her children and stories filled caption. You should check her out for some good product suggestions.

2) Shweta Mukul

Her openness to express herself in the captions is what I believe sets her apart. These aren’t one line captions picked up from google. They are heartfelt stories and incidents. I am sure this helps her connect with her audience and keep them waiting for her updates!

3) Harshiv Kushali

Her adorable child and her creativity are the perfect combination for social media success. We personally want to raid her closet, so if you are looking for some styled looks you should definitely check out this mommy blogger!

4) Ritu Kalra

Ritu’s content ranges. Though she is a mother and makes content with her son. She also talks about other lifestyle aspects of life like saving tax, cooking and gifting. Her broad focus on motherhood is what makes her an interesting pick for the list.

5) Hansa K. Kajaria

Filled with personal stories and outlooks Hansa builds a brand connect for every product she talks about. Her feed is filled with her adorable children, husband and dog. The perfect combination to our hearts. Reading her stories and watching her explore new things is a fun experience for her audience.

6) Lata

Going strong with 57k followers, self-titled Fabulous mom, Lata truly has a way to make brands connect with her audience. She takes some wonderful pictures and always has a great description and explanation of the products. What also stands out is the fact that she replies to her community and engages with them. An important feature for every influencer.

7) Namita Jain

This mom’s instagram takes everyone by storm with her beautiful pictures and an adorable child. She shares her experiences as a mother, exploring the journey and sharing her new discoveries and should we say, we are here for the ride!

8) Gen

Mother, entrepreneur and blogger, we can only wonder how she manages it all. She shares the life of her children and has some good collaborations with brands. She is creative in explaining the products. She also talks about some tips on parenting and self-care. If you’re looking for inspiration you should definitely check her out.

If you think we didn’t notice the floating effect on every image, you’re wrong!

9) Sonal

Fun and relatable, this influencer talks about her mommy life and her personal life and emotions. She also has tips and tricks for life. You should surely check her out!

10) Dr Kirti

Kirti is a mother and a doctor, according to her Instagram, two people’s whose opinion we definitely consider! She takes suggestions and interacts with her audience in her comments. Her feed is a mix of family pictures, her pictures and product photos with captions that tell a story and completely pull you in.

So, what do you think of our list? Do you have anyone we should add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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