No such thing as imperfect: Beauty blogger Vaishali Srivastava says every human being is perfect

Changing career paths is never an easy thing to do. And especially when you are embracing content creation as a full time gig because there are so many uncertainties associated with this. But Vaishali Srivastava aka @srivastavaji wasn’t apprehensive at all before taking the plunge. “Sure, it can be scary but I know that I can do it. I can’t stay the exact same and expect people to love me even after 10 years. But if I grow and evolve with the changing times, I think I will be okay,” says Vaishali with a confident smile.

Be the boss

Beauty and lifestyle blogging is a big part of Vaishali’s life and she always wanted to do it full time. “I started documenting since early 2018 but it wasn’t until 2021 that I delved into video creation with all my heart and soul,” says the social media influencer, who is loving the whole thing. ” I can work according to my own timings, work on my own ideas and be my own boss. It gives me a lot of freedom and liberty to work on my own terms,” she says.

The digital influencer, with almost 37k followers on Instagram, says that she doesn’t let the pressures of social media get to her. “I have learnt over the years that if I want some time off to recharge myself and come up with a fresh set of ideas, I just take a break for a day or two and come back to it with a fresh perspective. I do this instead of pushing myself till I burn out. I have achieved a kind of balance. Some days if I don’t want to post content, I just take a step back and relax for a couple of days before coming back to it. Of course, I have a routine but if ever I feel exhausted, I do take time off,” she says.

Imperfect is perfect

Vaishali’s vision for her Instagram page is to create a space for young people to come and not feel intimidated. “When I started creating content, I would see a lot of perfect people on social media and feel very intimidated but I would never want anyone else to come to my page and feel that way. I have a lot of young followers who are students in schools and colleges, so I want to propagate the idea that there is no such thing as imperfect. They should feel like they can also have the life I do and that I am just as regular as them, nothing special,” says the lifestyle blogger.

For a lot of creators, the line between what goes online and what stays personal for them, becomes a blur sometimes, And Vaishali says that she tries to maintain a balance when it comes to that. “I try and enjoy the moment whenever I am out with my friends and try to post as little as possible. Content creation is part of my life but it is not my whole life,” she signs off.

Vaishali is represented by Chtrbox Represent that manages over 50 influencers from across different genres like food, beauty, lifestyle and everything social media.

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