New challenges creates more opportunities: an update from our COO

Hey there,

These have been tough times for most businesses, but the mantra driving us these days is that constraints breed creativity. We’ve taken this concept to heart, and therefore would like to share with you some new dimensions to Chtrbox that we hope will help make the 2nd half of 2020 better for you. ūüôā 

  1. New Micro & Nano Bulk Pricing:¬†on popular request, we’re making it easier & more affordable to use quality micro (5K – 50K) and nano (500 – 5K, or Whatsapp conversation starters) influencers in your specific niche to even drive performance. Please get in touch if you’re interested to learn more.
  2. New Use Cases:¬†in the past few months, we have added to our¬†solutions¬†and run numerous successful up & coming formats, like interactive live sessions or workshops with influencers as well as creating home-shot content that can be used as digital ads across channels.¬†Here’s¬†a deck on some of the macro influencers & celebs we work with across categories.¬†
  3. New Team Members:¬†we’ve taken this time to build more capabilities with new senior team members:¬†Rana¬†(ex CBO, POPxo),¬†Nilay¬†(ex Marketing Lead, MadOverDonuts)¬†Pratyush¬†(ex Sr. Planning Director, Ogilvy) adding them¬†to our already¬†awesome team. This has enabled us to take up even bigger challenges, deliver better & more creative campaigns for our clients.¬†
  4. New Technology:¬†as we’ve seen lately –¬†platforms may come and go, but for us the awesomeness of our influencers¬†to keep fresh creative content coming is the only constant! While Instagram & Youtube are still growing in¬†popularity, we’re continuing to add to our 350,000+ base, including from channels like from Snapchat, Trell, Mitron, Chingari, Telegram, Triller, etc.¬†

Get in touch¬†if you’re interested in learning more about any of the above, or if we can help you with anything influencer related.¬†¬†

Stay safe & warm regards,
Julie Kriegshaber
COO @ Chtrbox

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