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Chtrbox Exclusive: Beauty Influencer Aanam C (What When Wear) shares key learnings for up & coming influencers

Have you ever wanted to sit down with your favourite beauty influencer and ask them some burning
questions? We did that for you! 🙂 We caught up with Aanam Chashmawala ​about her journey as a beauty influencer, her advice to new influencers and brands and much more!

Aanam C, or as many popularly know her on Instagram as What When Wear, is one of the top fashion, lifestyle and beauty influencer in India. She is truly a rare all-around influencer with over 288k followers on Instagram, 196k subscribers on Youtube and has an awesome blog covering travel, lifestyle, and you can even shop from her favorite products. She was named Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Blogger Of The Year and has done a lot of awesome brand campaigns.

What’s more? This beauty influencer is also the founder and the creative director of What When Wear. Every day, she keeps pushing what it means to be an influencer and keeps delivering helpful and entertaining content every day. We were interested in what she has to say about her journey.
Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. What was your inspiration behind becoming an influencer?

To be honest my career as an influencer started out by accident. I was always a writer and a
lover of all things fashion & beauty, so at some point, after numerous internships and multiple
freelance gigs, this just came about on its own.

2. How did your creator’s journey start?

I was studying for my Bachelors in Mass Media with a major in Advertising, while also freelancing for a few clients in the social media / online content management space. This is when I stumbled upon the idea of starting my own platform through a friend and started to share my fashion and beauty experiences.

3. What are your biggest tips & pitfalls to avoid for up and upcoming influencers?

The biggest tip I can share with you is to make sure that you stay consistent. It’s important to keep the wheel turning while trying new and different types of content and figuring out what works for your audience. Another main thing to avoid is make sure you do NOT endorse brands that don’t actually sync with your personal brand positioning. Make sure you stay true to your vibe and remain loyal to your audience first, always – even when it’s a tough decision!

4. What can’t you live without as a content creator?

My favourites are FCP, YouTube Creator App & LightRoom

5. What do you think social media will look like in 2022?

Social media is an ever-evolving means of communication, so I guess two years down the line
we might have new platforms or new products within existing platforms.

6. What do you think is the most important skill for a content creator today?

Staying ‘on’ is the most important skill for sure. It is difficult however, so it is important to learn it.

7. What advice would you give to brands for creating better campaigns?

To pick influencers based on the quality of their content and their followers, not the quantitative
factors only. (Editor note: We agree! Numbers tell an important story but quality matters more)

6. Give us a thought to end with… can be random, inspirational, whatever you want!

It’s so important to be a good storyteller in this space. To be able to communicate while staying
true to who you are – I completed 8 years in this space 7 months ago, and I look forward to the
journey ahead as well!

With that, it’s a Wrap!

Thank you, Aanam for spending your time with us and answering all our questions thoroughly!
We truly believe new influencers will be able to learn a lot through this!
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