Making tech understandable: Tech Influencer Harsh Punjabi believes scope for tech content will grow exponentially in India

Technology is one of the niche areas on social media that not many people have had the courage to delve into. To become a beloved tech content creator, one has to have in-depth knowledge about the subject, and also be able to explain the complicated tech subjects in an easy manner for the common person to understand.

Side hustle: the best way to go

Instagram influencer Harsh Punjabi aka @technolobe understands this niche very well. And as one of the fastest growing tech influencer in a world where influencer marketing is the big thing, Harsh is using his platform to make technology easier to use for everybody. For this Indian tech blogger, content creation is a way to unwind – he has no plans of making this his full-time job. “Content creation, for me, will always be a side hustle because it is manageable. I am working with my dad on our family business and I am lucky to be surrounded by supportive people who help me in both my passions,” says Harsh.

The tech influencer says he started content creation out of sheer love for technology. “I always wanted to do something in the world of tech. Initially, I wanted to start a blog, but there were already a lot of blogs out there for people to read. Then, I realized that there weren’t many tech channels available. So, I decided to start a tech channel and learn everything about video creation,” says the digital influencer.

Short form vs Long form

The influencer marketing landscape in an ever-changing one with new trends coming in everyday. But Harsh says that the overall concept of short form content is here to stay and it has the potential to become ever bigger than what it is right now. “I don’t think long form content will go anywhere. Short form content will exist alongside the long form content pieces. But I think there is a still a lot more scope for reels, tik toks etc., to boom. One thing that short form video lacks is searchability. If you want a particular video, you don’t have any way to search for it in the sea of content that’s available. So, for that one would still use the long format,” explains the tech blogger, while adding that he is still searching for his niche.

“I am still figuring our short format content. I feel some people do it very well. For me, particularly, I am still trying to figure out what kind of content I want to make. Currently, I know what kind of videos generate the maximum number of views but my understanding is also in the early stages for now,” says Harsh, who has 160k subscribers on YouTube.

Ask him what works best for his page and he says, “Helpful content works the best for my audience. Any video where I am talking about helpful websites for students or some free chrome extensions or any tips that makes tech a little easier for people works the best,” he signs off.

Harsh is managed by Chtrbox Represent which also manages 50 other influencers from across genres like food, beauty, fitness, travel and everything social media.

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