Letter from our CEO: Helping Brands WFH with Influencers | COVID-19

Hi all,

One way or the other, we all have been impacted with COVID-19. While we all find ourselves in this unfortunate & uncharted territory, we know that it’s critical for us to keep moving forward.   

At Chtrbox, we’ve been fully up and running from home, and will continue to do so until safe to resume office. We know you have important messages to communicate to your consumers, and especially with events, ad-shoots & outdoor being delayed, we are stretching ourselves to help brands still connect with consumers in meaningful ways.

Here are our quick suggestions on how to approach marketing during these times

1 – As India stays safe indoors, consumers will be on social media even more than usual during the next few weeks. Use this time for genuine community building and be weary about the tone of your communication to avoid coming across as insensitive. Letting influencers create their own content to tell your story effectively in an appropriately sensitive manner which can be shared across multiple mediums is a great option. 

2 – It’s the right time for brands to showcase their heart if you are offering free/discounted access to COVID-related products, ensuring the safety of your employees or customers during this time, or other CSR initiatives. These are actions that will translate into great brand stories that will be remembered. We don’t advocate forced hacks, but if you’re doing something truly positive during this time to help others, we think it’s a great time to let others know. Interest to learn more? Check out Chtr4Good, where we connect brands & influencers to social causes that matter.

3 – We can’t think of a better time for brands to get creative with their content to drive memorable engagement – you may have the most receptive audience now of all time. How can you help your consumers not be bored & be positive? Maybe through a fun on-brand dance/singing contest for people to do while sitting at home, and connect with each other? Funny user generated memes, participatory live streaming, AMAs with influencers? 

4 – Our advice for influencers: be inspired by some of the amazing things other influencers are doing? The potential for influencers to create positive change is at an all time high. A few highlights – a EUR4Million fundraising campaign for corona healthcare in Italy & local language fact-checked corona awareness video. If you are sharing COVID related information, please make sure it’s coming from a reputable site like WHO or Government of India to avoid spreading wrong information.

Want to figure out how to tell great stories via influencers? If you’d like any support on how to think about your strategy over the next few months, feel free to get in touch.

Best wishes to you & your families to stay safe & healthy! We are all in this together.


Pranay Swarup, Founder & CEO, Chtrbox

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