South Indian Influencer Samantha Akkineni

5 Indian Influencers From The South of India for your Next Regional Influencer Campaign

Trying to break into the South Indian market? Are you unsure about which influencer to choose for your brand and where to start? Don’t worry Chtrbox has created a list of stellar South Indian influencers that you will absolutely love. In case you want more – we’ve launched BharatBox which is our solution to help you find Indian regional influencers. (Including those vernacular content creators like Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam influencers)

Here are 5 South Indian Influencers shortlisted who have continuously done great work with brands. 

Let us get into it!

1. Samantha Akkineni

Towering over everyone else with 9.4 million followers Samantha Prabhu is the ultimate celebrity influencer. She is not only a leading actress in Telugu and Tamil films but also an influencer with a loyal following. What sets her apart as an influencer is her easy-going feed. She can often be seen answering questions, talking to her audience and sharing stories from her life. As an influencer, her profile is well built and she uses it to build a genuine connection with her audience. The result of this can be seen in her high engagement rate of 7.37% as of March 2020. 

We are in awe of her recent collaboration with Rebook for their Women’s Day campaign. You can check it out here. 

2. Priya Prakash Varrier 

Bringing the internet to a standstill with the power of one wink, this viral lady broke through the noise due to her role in the music video of the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi. Today, she has garnered 7.3 Million followers and is going to be making her acting debut in an upcoming Malayalam film ‘Oru Adaar Love’. She truly shows how the power of the internet can change anyone’s life. Her Instagram is a clean mix of professionally clicked pictures and comfortable home pictures. 

With her debut coming up she would be a great influencer to work with. 

3. Sadhique Aboobacker

Named as Kerala’s most popular blogger by Marketing Mind, Sadhique has definitely captured several hearts. As a fashion and lifestyle influencer, he promotes unique products and shares well-styled pictures of himself. 

His content is interesting, clean and consistent. This is what lets him have a huge connection with his audience. The content that he creates for brands is interesting, well-made and creative; this is what truly helps him stand out as an influencer. 

4. Jahnavi Dasetty

You might know her as Mahathalli from the Mahathalli Mahanubhavudu series. Apart from having 1.2 million subscribers on Youtube, Jahnavi also has 670k followers on Instagram. She creates comedy sketches in Telugu and Tamil. She is a Youtube actress and an entertainer. Her brand promotions feel extremely natural and genuine. She always talks in detail about them and makes it relatable, a sign of a good influencer. 

If you’re looking for influencers for a lifestyle, skincare or fashion product you should definitely check her out. 

5. Alekhya Harika

Alekhya, a YouTuber, actor and dancer came into limelight through the comedy web series “Dhethadi”. She mainly acts in Telugu short films. Her Instagram is a mix of professionally clicked pictures and day-to-day genuine pictures. Alekhya’s relatable style, talent and hilarious content are the things that truly set her apart. 

Her audience is highly engaged and responsive to brand posts too. Alekhya’s way of making complex topics easy to digest and understand is commendable. If you’re looking for a fun and relatable influencer then search no more. 


 If you still aren’t sure they are the ones for your brand, you can check out Chtrbox’s Boombox and find south Indian influencers that will fit your brand better for free!

What do you think of the list? List your favourite South Indian influencers below!

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