Complete journey with CHTRBOX in the world of Influencer Marketing


The influencer marketing industry has recently witnessed a sea of changes in its

approach and strategy over the years. It is today the most popular and effective means

of digital marketing for most brands online. We have currently been witnessing top

brands from across different industries approaching the best influencer marketing

agencies to boost their sales and grow their brands. As an influencer marketing

agency, we can say that we have seen a huge spike in demand for the services as well

as the cutthroat competition in the industry to leverage the growing demands of various

brands. Chtrbox is one of the leading and the industry best Influencer marketing

that has been a part of this growing industry for years. Today’s article, we have

shared a complete journey with chtrbox in the world of Influencer Marketing.

The article speaks about the journey of starting as an influencer and also offers a brief

guide on influencer marketing. Read on to learn about the journey of an Influencer

marketing from an experienced agency in the industry

How do I Start an Influencer Journey?

Starting as an influencer isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of time, money, and

dedication to reach where you want to be, and this can probably take months and years

of dedication and consistency. Chatrbox being an experienced influencer marketing

agency, can vouch for the fact that their journey required a lot of hard work and

patients. So, keeping all this in mind, consider following the below steps to begin an

influencer journey, and you are sure to reach your goals soon.

Complete Guide on Influencer Marketing

Below given is a detailed influencer guide that you can refer to for those of you

looking to kick-start your influencer marketing journey.

Pick a Niche

If you plan on becoming an influencer, it is essential that you know where your

expertise lies and accordingly select a niche that you are good at. Selecting the

right niche is crucial. Based on your knowledge, experience, skills, and, most

importantly, interest in a specific niche, you must select the right niche. The

minute you know that you are good at something, social media will have a set

audience for you to kick start your journey.

Select a Platform

Once you have selected a niche to work on, the next step is to check the right

platform and social media channel to reach your audience. Selecting the right

platform is another crucial factor in your influencer marketing journey. You

need to know where your audience is and how you can best reach out to them.

Right from channels like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, to even Facebook are some

platforms that influencers often use to reach out to their audience. But being on

the right platform is essential for building a network with a relevant audience.

Quality Content

It goes without saying that quality content is the base for any influencer to build

his community or network. An influencer can only build on his network and

community if he posts quality content. By quality content, we mean not just well-

written content but also content that is creative, unique, insightful, and with

high-quality images that impact the audience. It is important that the information

you share with your audience is appealing and useful to them. It is only then that

an influencer can grow his audience or followers online. High-quality content is

undoubted the key factor for a successful influencer marketing strategy.

Learn the Knack of SEO

Knowing the basics of SEO is essential for everyone, including influencers. If you

want your audience to find you and your post easily then knowing the way to

Rank it on search engines is also essential. Knowing the basics of SEO and

implementing the strategy and techniques for your post will help you rank your

audience and also reach your audience. All of this is essential for being a

successful influencer and also for effective influencer marketing strategies.

Build Engagement

Last but not the least, ensure you build engagement. You need to establish a

connection with the audience for them to believe in you and follow you. Be

consistent with your post, reply to the comments on your post, and be updated

with the content and post that you publish. People love those who respond and

provide feedback, tips, suggestions or solve queries. So, be the one there for your

audience, and you are sure to end up having a good number of followers.

Types of Influencer Marketing

Chtrbox is one of the best influencer marketing agencies in the industry helping

brands connect with the right influencer for their brand. Businesses have now turned to

influencers to promote their brands and grow their sales. So, businesses often approach

influencer marketing agencies like us to help them connect with the right type of

influencers suitable for their niche. There are different types of influencers in the

industry that businesses look to collaborate with. Here is a list that you can refer to that

details different types of influencers-

Mega Influencers

Mega Influencers are usually celebrities having a large number of followers with

more than a million followers. These influencers have a huge fan base or

followers, offering an amazing reach to brands that collaborate with them.

Macro Influencers

Macro influencers are popular individuals such as TV Stars, sports athletes, or

thought leaders of the industry. Compared to the mega influencers, they hold less

followers, yet their level of engagement is better with the audience. Macro-

influencers are those who have 500K to 1 million followers. Brands still get a

large reach by collaborating with these influencers. Brands can leverage their

reputation to gain followers on social media but can expect a high price for such

business collaboration with mega influencers.


Micro-Influencers have a smaller number of followers in comparison to mega and

macro-influencers. They are said to be more connected with their followers and

have better engagement with their followers. Micro-influencers are those who

have a follower base of 10K to 50K followers. However, with this small and

intimate connection that holds, they do have far better engagement and trust in

their circle of connection because their followers tend to be more niche-focused.

Nano Influencers

Nano Influencers have a limited number of followers and can offer modest reach

for the brands. But their audience is very narrow and niche. So, brands

particularly looking to target a specific niche of an audience can leverage such

narrowed or rather focused connection with nano influencers. Collaborations

with these influencers can guarantee you a focused or a rather relevant

audience, better engagement, trust, and loyalty of the audience converting to

customers. Depending on the business goal, these influencers can be suitable for

promoting your brand.

Collaboration tips and Relationship Management

As an influencer guide from Chtrbox, we recommend you to refer to the below-given

tips for collaborating with influencers and maintaining a good relationship with

influencers for a successful influencer marketing strategy.

∙Define the goals of your influencer marketing campaign before scouting for

influencers. This is essential for you to understand the kind of influencers that

may be suitable for your business goals.

∙Decide on a budget that you wish to allocate for the campaign. This is another

crucial factor in deciding or shortlisting influencers.

∙Define the audience you plan to reach out to. So in case your brand is looking to

reach out to a niche audience, then collaborating with micro-influencers or

influencers would make more sense. But if you plan to reach a larger audience,

you can consider a mega or macro audience.

∙Once you have shortlisted your influencers, approach them via their social media

channels, where they often engage with their audience.

∙The next step is to introduce your brand to them by mail and send them a formal

invite for a meeting. Ensure your mail is crisp and clear and share details on how

you would like to collaborate with them, and highlight what’s there in for them in

this business collaboration.


Influencer marketing can be a game-changer for businesses looking to establish their

brand in the industry. Consider following the above tips and influencer guide if you plan

on such collaboration. If done right, it is sure to work out for your brand. Influencer

marketing is one effective way of promoting your business and building a strong client

base in the industry.

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