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The Influencer Playbook

Influencer marketing is as much a data-driven business as it is a people’s business. Before making a decision about whether or not to spend on influencer marketing there is a range of questions you ask yourself. If the influencer is relevant to your brand? Does the influencer have engagement on the post? Would Instagram or Facebook ad be of more value then using influencers? the list keeps on going.

We are bringing to you a deep dive into the billion dollar influencer marketing business. The video is by Professor Scott Galloway, a Digital Marketing professor at NYU Stern.  In the video, he explores how influencer marketing is advancing on a global front, the top brands that are using influencers to create original content and tells you why using influencers to promote your brand is the smartest thing to do in digital marketing right now.

Find out how a popular Instagram dog gave a million views to Toyota.

Influencer marketing shares a small portion of the pie today. However, If Scott were to be believed, we can expect the share of the pie to grow multifold in the years to come. We have our fingers crossed.