I want to put my true self out there: Beauty and fashion influencer Akanksha Kommirelly says honesty has worked wonders for her

Akanksha Kommirelly aka @akankshakommirelly never wanted to do an office 9-5 job. So, when she completed her engineering degree, she asked her parents to give her 6 months time so that she could try her hand out at content creation. Now, almost 4 years later, she has made content creation her full time job and says it is the best decision she has ever taken.

Akanksha says that she has always loved being in front of the camera and shooting videos or clicking pictures and that’s how it all started. “My journey started in 2019 when I was in college. Instagram at the time was becoming a big deal and I would see bloggers creating content. And I really wanted to do the same. So, after college, I asked my parents to give me 6 months so that I could try out my hand at this. I finished my engineering and then straight away got into it. I blindly went into it. Even though all my friends were getting a job and my parents also wanted me to get a job, I was inspired by the likes of Aashna Shroff and Kritika Khurana, and I wanted to do something like that. Luckily it all worked out,” says the Indian makeup creator.


While many may feel that being an influencer is somewhat synonymous with having a perfect life, Akanksha doesn’t agree. She says being honest and authentic with her followers has helped her come a long way. “People trust my content around beauty and I have always kept my content unfiltered and honest. I do not take up deals where I don’t believe in the products. My honesty is what keeps my audience loyal to me. I love interacting with them a lot more as well. 99% of my content is unfiltered and that’s what keeps me connected with my followers. There are a lot of unrealistic beauty standards and I have always struggled with acne like a lot of other people. But I have always shown that in my videos and I didn’t know it was a big deal to show my bare skin on camera, so that really connected with people,” says the beauty and fashion influencer, who has 71.9k followers on Instagram and 71.5k subscribers on YouTube.

As far as the unrealistic standards of beauty on social media is concerned, Akanksha says that she doesn’t believe in using filters but she can’t tell other people to not use them. “I don’t disregard people who use filters. I don’t know what their reason or intention is behind using filters. I personally don’t use filters and I don’t watch content with filters especially like swatching videos with filters make no sense. I stay out of it and I would like others to do the same but its not my place to say that. I just hold myself to those moral standards. I want to put my true self out there,” says the content creator.

Grateful for the blessings

Akanksha says that she is very happy being an influencer and doing what she loves. She also jokes and says that the best part about being a content creator is the free stuff (laughs). But on a more serious note, she says, “I always had a blind belief to do this. This is not something that comes with an ordinary life. I have a platform to spread the right kind of messages. It’s a fun job even though its hectic. It opens up your perspective to a lot of things and I don’t think this would have happened if I was in a 9-5 job. Makeup has always been something I enjoy and being able to earn my livelihood from it is even more fun,” she ends.

We can see Akanksha soon becoming one of the top makeup and beauty creators of India. Her makeup and beauty videos have a growing following and we are excited to see her full potential unveiled.

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