How can Food Bloggers Elevate their Instagram Account?


Food Influencers often use social media platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram to share their new Food blogs online. Instagram is a popular platform for sharing photos and videos with relevant hashtags and captions. People tend to follow food bloggers on platforms like Instagram, where they often share photos and videos of new trending food in the industry or the latest restaurant opened in town. These bloggers also promote their food page on Instagram stories and profiles, which is a popular way of increasing their followers and engaging with them. Covering more about this, we have in today’s article shared how food bloggers can elevate their Instagram accounts and enhance their followers and fan base online.

Ways how Instagram Account can be elevated by Food Bloggers

Creating the First Impression-

As a food influencer or blogger, if you are looking to make a new Instagram account, then ensure that when you do so, you add quality content to it before you initiate the following spree. Creating the first impression right is crucial to building upon your fan base on followers. A good profile with good content motivates or allures people to follow you or at least like your posts every once in a while. Share some images from your recent blogs and use them well with relevant hashtags to build your follower base and elevate your Instagram Account.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are important or rather an integral part of Instagram posts to ensure it reaches out to a wide audience. Use relevant hashtags related to your post and include relevant keywords from your blog posts to get the desired reach, shares, likes, and followers to your Instagram Account. This strategy goes a long way in helping you build up a strong set of fans or followers.

Know Your Audience

As a food influencer or a food blogger, you should know your audience, likes, and interest. Based on what they like and want to see or read, you should accordingly share your food posts on Instagram. This helps build a connection with the audience that eventually boosts engagement and ultimately increases your followers. Food bloggers often share recipes, information about newly opened restaurants, or some new trending food discovered. The inclination and interest in such new food trends will build connections with followers organically and ensure loyalty. So, to grow your following, you need to understand your audience and develop creative content that builds their interest. You can maybe even offer your audience coupons or discount codes for dining in a specific restaurant that you have partnered with. This way, you can cement the audience’s loyalty to you while also promoting the restaurant and also grow your followers.

Regular & Consistent Posting

Regular and consistent posting on Instagram will help you stay connected with your audience. Just as regular as you are with your blog post, be regular with your Instagram post. Keep them updated not just on your recent blogs but also on the latest happenings in the food industry. This will keep your existing audience glued to your posts and also attract a new set of followers to see your current and trending posts.

Quality Content

Quality content is not just the key to success for your food blogs but also will help you increase your Instagram Followers. Develop unique and catchy content that stands out in the clutter of millions of food posts online. After all, Instagramis all about that high-end, quality content. So, we strongly recommend food bloggers take the time to post quality content on Instagram that is eye-catching, engaging, and beautiful. For instance, you can add some tips for a recipe post or share some interesting information about the food you are posting about, or in the case of a post on restaurants, the recommended main course, dessert, or drinks to encourage comments or post saves.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is an effective way of cross-promoting your blogs, posts, and content on the same platform or a different platform. So, for instance, if you have shared an image of your recent food cooked, you can share how it was prepared step-by-step with the recipe on your Instagram story. This is one strategy that will not just boost your posts, blogs, and videos but also a way to boost your followers online.

Post High-Resolution Images

The Instagram platform is all about sharing images and videos. So, it goes without saying that prioritizing the quality of images posted on the Instagram account is crucial. Post high-resolution images online and choose the best filter option to enhance the image quality. All of this matters when it comes to attracting followers to your account and triggering interest in your content. That said, do not forgetto watermark your images so that even if the images are re-shared, the origin of the post will be highlighted, and the end-user will know that it was sourced from your account. This way, you may also end up getting additional new followers.

Promote your Instagram Account

One way of promoting your blog and Instagram account is by using the strategy of cross-promotion. So, while on your blogs, you can share your Instagram Account link or profile. You can do the same by sharing your blog on Instagram. This technique of cross-promotion will not just ensure the success of your blog post but also your Instagram account and follower base online. Use a call to action to bring visitors to your Instagram Account and Vice versa to your blog. This is the best way to drive traffic to your account.

Further, by using the right hashtags and marketing strategies, you can also increase the visibility of your posts. This will help you grow your Instagram followingand ensure more visits with the use of relevant CTA.

Add a Personal Touch

Be it an image, video, or simple blog post, ensure you add that personal touch to it that sets you apart from the rest and helps you stand out in the cluttered platform. Posting about restaurants and offering discounts to certain restaurants are some effective ways of making your account valuable and worth following for your followers. Regular updates about new food joints, restaurants, and discount coupons and offers will definitely attract more followers to your account.

Finally, it is all about keeping up with the trend and ensuring your followers are aware and updated about your industry through you. Only value-added content can keep your followers loyal and also attract a new set of followers to your account. Stay current and trendy with your post and build engagement with your audience to develop a connection with them. This way, you are sure to build a huge fan or follower base on your Instagram Account.

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