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How Do Brands Measure Effectiveness of their Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Influencers are highly effective in spreading the word out, adding a flair of their creativity to your product. How does one measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaign in numbers? See how our brand partners do it.

Top 3 KPIs of a successful influencer marketing campaigns as per our brand partners.

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Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement holds the largest share of the KPI. 90% of brands experienced a jump in their social media followers. Influencers landed new customers to their social media account and promoted brand affinity amongst the existing ones. Influencers are also conversation starters. Through their posts, they kick-start a feedback mechanism that brands have used to enhance products. There is generally a direct relationship between Social Media Engagement and sales.

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Drive Web Traffic

Marketing professionals put more weight on web traffic, it amounts to 18.7% and remains a key metric in measuring effectiveness. Increased web traffic is a key indicator that can be trackable and customized for each of the influencers.

Impact on Sales

Most brands feel that Impact on sales is indecisive and attribute only about 17.6% to it. However, they strongly approve of the previous two factors to indirectly impact sales.

These 3 metrics form the biggest indicators of the success of your influencer marketin campaign. However, these are not the only ones, other metrics like – Quality of audience, press coverage reached and number of mentions also add to the overall measurement of influencer marketing’s effectiveness.