Boombox Out Now! – An Influencer Marketing Tool Created By Chtrbox

Chtrbox has recently launched its new digital influencer marketing tool known as Boombox. It is a talent discovery tool used to search the unique metric and data-points of various influencers across multiple categories, cities and other demographics.

influencer marketing agency founder

Pranay Swarup, Co- Founder and CEO, Chtrbox said, “Our objective in launching Boombox as a platform and end-to-end service is to empower marketers with strategic, data-powered, consolidated talent options when selecting celebs and top influencers for brand campaigns, events and endorsements.

Today, when brands select talent, we’ve noticed that choices are decided largely on simple intuition such as – do I know & like this person? Do they represent the values my brand wants to represent? We are bringing data to this critical decision-making process.

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With Boombox, we want to help brands discover creative and budget-effective optimizations you may not have thought of before, paired with our expertise on creative strategy to create memorable influencer content.”

Read more about Boombox here.

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