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Top 10 Food Influencers In India That Will Make You Drool All Over Your Feed!

Your One-stop destination to ‘aaj kya khaaye?’ 

It’s time for something foodilicious! For all the hardcore foodies out there and those newbies who need some inspiration on what to eat, where to eat and how to make eating look good, we’ve got some of our 10 Favourite Foody Instagram accounts that will make you want to ditch your dal chawal for something hatke!

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Which one of these food influencers has the highest engagement score? Scroll down to find out!

1. Sarah Todd – sarahtodd

The former Masterchef Australia contestant earned an Indian fan following for making a masterchef level ‘aloo gobi’. Her Punjabi mother-in-law taught her how follow her heart while cooking food, without measuring her ingredients. And though this training Sarah developed a culinary intuition for Indian dishes.

She left her career as a successful model and turned to her passion which is reflected in the dishes she puts up for her followers to see. Sarah owns establishments in Goa and Mumbai where she reinvents Indian dishes by using wine. With 408k followers, this Australian darling has certainly made her mark in the hearts of her desi followers with a Chtrbox Engagement Score of 2.41%.

2. DilSeFoodie – dilsefoodie

This account is not for the faint-hearted. If you think you can ease you hunger-pangs by checking your Insta feed, do not open this page as I assure you, you will not make it through. Lip-smacking, mouth-watering and tantalizing images of food will greet you when you check out DilSeFoodie’s page.

A group of creators, their work has been featured in many reputed national dailies for their unfiltered approach to food establishments and street food. They have ditched the typical fine-dining experience for the daily comfort food trails, and they’ll give you all the stops and incentive to get there.

If you want people to know about your amazing chole bhature, give them a call and if they love it, you’re sure to get a mention!

3. Archana Doshiarchanaskitchen

An NRI engineer living in Canada, Archana decided she wanted to share her healthy cooking tips and recipes with the world when people close to her asked her to write a book. It was then that she launched her blog Archana’s Kitchen. Today she has worked with multiple celebrity chefs like Vikas Khanna and has been the inspiration for the first Google Chrome Ad on national television!

Archana’s Kitchen optimizes all social media platforms to give her a strong followership of 260k only on Instagram! You can find multiple easy to make healthy recipes from this home-learned cook who is really giving professionals a run for their money with her holistic approach to cooking.

4. Sarah Hussain – zingyzest

Young Delhite Sarah Hussain prides herself on her organic following that she says is a result of her authentic approach to whatever she promotes. With a Chtrbox Engagement Score of 2.55%, you know you are right to trust her choice. You’ll will not be disappointed to try one of her delicious recommendations.

Bouncing from one place to another she tries food across various cuisines so there is always something for everyone to try. Sarah checks out luxury options as well as newly opened cafes and local eateries. Use that #Zingyzest next time you find something that makes you as excited about food as much as she does!

5. Kabita Singh – kabitaskitchen

Kabita Singh is a housewife with humble beginnings who has harnessed the power of social media and made it a viable source of earnings. Named one of the Top 5 women YouTube influencers Kabita boasts an equally strong presence on Instagram with a following of 173k.

Her feed has the perfect quick-and-easy to make recipes that would turn any amateur cook into a pro, no wonder her Chtrbox Engagement Score is a whopping 5.15%. Her approach to cooking is as real as it can get and it certainly appeals to all the moms and house-wives out there searching for something new to break the monotony. Give her beautiful page a look and you’ll know what i’m talking about!

6. Natasha Diddee – thegutlessfoodie

This Instagrammer has embraced her love for food against all odds, losing her stomach even. After the tragedy, the literally ‘gut-less’ turned her passion for food into an opportunity through food blogging. Natasha Diddee’s inspirational story drives people to her page but it is her amazing ‘taste for food’ that makes them never want to leave!

Loaded with flavour, she describes everything you see on her page with such fervor it makes you want to recreate them right then. Lovely thalis, curries and seasonal surprises await her 94.1k followers! 

7. Karishma Sakhrani – karishma_sakhrani 

She’s the lady who broke that corporate mundanity. One day she’s next to you working and the next she is competing in Masterchef India. Yes, you heard that right. Karishma Sakhrani was a business development executive at a media company before she left to follow her love for cooking and boy did she do it well!

Her feed is full of food, travel and lifestyle goals that will get you pumped enough to chant ‘zindagi na milegi dobara!’ Her food is as gorgeous as delicious and her Insta aesthetic is on totally on point, her 88.1k followers would surely agree.

8. Anahita Dhondy – anahitadhondy

A Forbes 30 under 30 awardee, Anahita is currently the Chef Manager at Sodabottleopenerwala, a fine dining establishment. She hails from a Parsi background and has been cooking since she was 10 years old.

Quirky, colourful and yummy are words that describe the food on Anahita’s page and you can see that she chronicles her various experiences with food, travel and life on it. She also posts recipes and if you have any queries she’s more than happy to reply her followers, her 2.27% Chtrbox Engagement Score surely suggests that.

9. Asha Shiv – foodfashionparty

Author of the book Masala and Meatballs, Asha Shiv is slaying on Instagram as a food blogger. When you check out her feed the only thing you’re gonna think is: ‘Wow! That looks Awesome!’

She makes her own recipes and produces fusion creations that she shares with her 109k followers on Instagram. Asha’s innovative cooking is so damn good, you’ll want to experiment things you never thought you’d ever wanna try.

10. Karan Tripathi – karanfoodfanatic

This guy started his journey as a food enthusiast and blogger, now he boasts 69.4k followers on Instagram only! He has been featured in the Food and Wine Magazine as one of the most followed Indian food bloggers.

He posts mouthwatering pictures of food and also suggests and reviews good restaurants and eateries that you should definitely give a try. So the next time you’re looking to settle on your maggi, remember his words, “food is more than food.”


Sorry for getting those hunger pangs going!

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Feature photo by: Lily Banse on Unsplash


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