Rethinking the 1-9-90 pyramid for Influencer Marketing: Get the basics right!

This model has been around for a long time but we at Chtrbox have come up with a way to position it in the current marketing scenario. Here’s the influencer marketing version of the 1-9-90 model, check it out!

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Most digital marketers are well familiar with the concept of the 1-9-90 pyramid, According to this model, people such as celebrities are the ones that can make or break a brand just by a simple odd mention. These stars hold massive power over a very large audience and constitute 1% of the model. The 9% are the content creators who are increasingly adept at using social media and hold considerable sway over their audiences. Their audiences look for their opinions and reviews. The last 90% is the comparatively passive audience that inhales this info and content from the above 2 tiers. They read, share, like and comment without engaging in the creation of new content,

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Although this is the market you have to tap as a marketer because these are your future consumers. They are constantly looking for your brand mentions, product reviews, user comments and anything else that will help them make the final choice of purchasing the product/service or giving it a miss.

Chtrbox modified influencer marketing into these 3 tiers that are made up of celebrities; mega, macro, micro and nano influencers.

Through this model, you can plan an influencer marketing campaign that has 1 celebrity/mega influencer, 9 macro-influencers and 90 nano/micro-influencers that will boost your campaign not only through far-reaching star power but also by penetrating local markets that will convert affluence to the sale of quantifiable commodities.

So how does Chtrbox help you create the perfect 1-9-90 model for you?

Chtrbox is your One-stop-shop for all the 3 tiers of influencers that you need for your next influencer campaign making us a full-service platform.

When it comes to the 1-9-90 model, it is important to select the right influencers for your campaign. Just any celebrity with good following or any influencer with a 1000 followers won’t do.

You can’t select a Virat Kohli to promote your fried food. Sometimes an obvious choice works (eg.MS Dhoni could work for MRF) but there are times when creative traction has gained great response like Rohan Joshi collaborating with Nykaa.

Carefully curating the influencers, filtering them through our different algorithms and then incorporating them to create a seamless brand to body transition through quality content dissemination are services offered by Chtrbox. We provide a holistic approach to the 3 tier so you don’t have to manage your campaign, juggling between multiple practices instead.

Wanna see which influencers we work with along with checking their engagement rates?

You can check out the influencers we work with through Boombox, our platform which scores influencers on various other demographics. We have a large database that includes campus ambassadors that are an integral part of the 90% of your model.

The 1-9-90 model is a statistical model generated through multiple surveys and data collection proves to be an optimum model for influencer marketing.

If you would like to launch a campaign based on the 1-9-90 model, we at Chtrbox are here to help you out!

Would you like to try the 1-9-90 model? Let us know what you think about it below in the comments!

Featured Image by: Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash


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