My role as an influencer is to break stereotypes: Indian content creator Prakhar Narayan says social media should be a positive force for everyone

For someone who has an MBBS degree, being a social media influencer is not the most obvious career option. But Prakhar Narayan aka @prakharnarayandubey has always been keen on breaking stereotypes, and that’s how he started his journey as a lifestyle and motivational influencer. ” The things that I have done in my life make me equivalent to 10 good guys. I am a doctor, model, musician and a lot of other things. I did my MBBS but when people think that because I am a doctor, I can’t do certain things I feel like I have to break those stereotypes and prove everyone wrong,” says the blogger, who has 63.2k followers on Instagram.

Life is more than just your profession

Prakhar strongly believes that there is more to life than just one’s job and career. He wants to spread the message that you can do anything you want with life regardless of your profession. “I feel the need to prove to people that if you really want to do something in life, no matter how demanding your profession is, you can take out time for that. I wanted to show people that you can always make space in your life for things that you really want to do. So, my journey as a content creator started when I decided that I wanted to motivate people and break some stereotypes,” says the Indian influencer.

Prakhar says that his social media journey has been very enriching and he loves the fact that he can inspire and motivate people who follow him. “When people DM me saying that my content makes them smile whenever they are having a tough day, it makes my day. Whenever people are going through some sad and low days of life, they just watch my videos and it brings a smile on their face, and that means the world to me. If my content can  bring happiness to someone then I consider myself an established content creators despite not having a huge following count,” says the lifestyle blogger.

Important to take a break

Social media influencers sometimes have to deal with a lot of negativity on the internet but Prakhar says you have to find the right balance. “Initially, when I got into influencing, I used to keep track of my follower count and what people were connecting with in terms of my content etc. But then I realized that when you are in the limelight, you will also have negative feedback along with positive ones. Once you accept that, you also learn how to deal with that,” says Prakhar.

He adds that until 6 months ago, he used to be quite concerned with his following count and engagement rates, but now, he has learnt to enjoy the little things. “I have now stopped keeping track of these numbers because I didn’t want to make my social media space toxic by only worrying about my numbers. The minute I become conscious about numbers, I won’t be able to make the content that comes from my heart. Now, I take some breaks as well from social media. I like to some times enjoy the other things of life,” says the motivational speaker and blogger.

No pressure

Prakhar emphasizes on the fact that taking care of oneself is very important no matter one’s profession. “I feel like I have gained the confidence to not worry about being irrelevant. There is a lot of negativity on social media and it is very important to take a break whenever you feel the pressure,” he says, adding, “I just want people to come to my profile and feel that they should make time in their life for things that they really love regardless of their profession. You should make time for your hobbies because that’s what will keep you alive. I want to be an example to people of living life to the fullest,” he says.

We at Chtrbox believe that Prakhar can bring about a positive change in our society and look forward to him continuing to stereotypes so he can to make it a better place!

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