Degree for influencers

Influencers, you can beef up your skills with these degree level courses!

As an influencer, you juggle with several skills to make that perfect post. You write captions, you search for hashtags, you reply to comments, you analyse which posts worked and so much more. These are the basics but each one of these skills has much more to explore and learn in it.

What if we said you can get a degree-level education in each one of those skills? It would be impossible a few years ago. However, not for long!

As per the 2020 Union budget proposed by the Finance Minister you can get a complete degree level courses online in skills like content writing, social media marketing and data analytics. Check out these three-degree level online courses that you can take to learn more in-depth about those skills and get a degree in it from March 2020.

With or without these courses, you’ll always have us as your influencer guide! 🙂

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