Influencer Marketing: Trust and Credibility

It has been seen that there are a lot of investments from all around in influencer marketing. It has become a popular way for organizations to have good contact and cooperation with their target audience.

Organizations of any size i.e., corporations as well as startups, have now understood the huge capabilities this kind of marketing has for promoting their goods and services. Let’s find out what influencers in India have to offer.

The Authenticity of Influencer-Brand Partnership

In influencer marketing, influencers like that on social media can have authentic connections with different kinds of brands that have specific offerings to their target market. So, what are the characteristics of these authentic influencers who have good Influencer-Brand Partnerships? They are hereby listed below.

  • A genuine tone while explaining the content.
  • Personal attachment with the brand and the target audience.
  • Transparency in partnerships and sponsored content to disclose when they are being compensated.
  • Relatability with the audience and influencer’s niche as well as brand values.
  • Consistency in the words given out by influencers is gaining further trust.
  • Reliability of information given out to have a better understanding of content.
  • A two-way engagement between influencer and audience where feedback and comments are vital.
  • A nice way of presenting data and information about a good or service that every generation of people can have a look at.

Influencer marketing platforms in India promote these partnerships as they would be beneficial for each of the parties.

Transparency in Sponsored Content

According to various sources, influencer marketing in India will been valued at over 1200 crore INR in 2022. The growth rate of this field is projected to grow by 25% every year for the next 5 years.

Therefore, there would be a huge demand for an influencer marketing agency in India. It means that sponsorships from brands as well as the cooperation of influencers will increase by a staggering amount.

Now, transparency would be of utmost importance, as this would be looked at just like any other general mode of media or advertising. This also means that influencers have to focus on engaging their audiences.

Engaging with Genuine Audiences

A good audience that understands all your styles and ways of elaborating on information is necessary. For this to happen, a good chunk of the resources needs to be invested so that general people get enough time to know about it to give it a good priority among others in influencer marketing.

Consistency and Reliability

In this modern world where digital marketing has become the key to success, digital modes of media, i.e., social media, have often been recognized the most nowadays. Influencers are heavily available on such platforms. There is no shortage of influencer marketing platforms in India.

Several common pitfalls are ethical in terms of causing enough damage to either the brand or the customers. Some of them are:

  • Having a connection with the wrong influencer
  • Not having a clear and concise goal to achieve.
  • Not meeting the required expectations.
  • Imposing specific guidelines on the influencers
  • Putting a boundary on information for influencers to pass to the audience

However, these issues can easily be solved. Brands need to understand that influencers in India can have their own creative strategy, which makes it would be easier for them to promote a good or service. Imposing guidelines and boundaries will only worsen things, making the connection to the brand and its values unstable. Keeping a good space always helps.

Why building long-term relationships necessary?

If an influencer wants to sustain in the influencer marking category, they need to better understand their partnering brands. They also have to develop long-term relationships so that they can build future investments upon themselves from those partnering brands. Moreover, influencers bring out their authenticity more when they try to secure connections more often.

Long-term relationships come with their benefits as well.

  • It helps in achieving brand consistency.
  • It supports identifying genuine connections.
  • It can also increase loyalty from the audience, as they will look at familiar figures.

Demonstrating the Expertise of Influencers

Influencers are mostly available on the following platforms in India:

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

These platforms provide enough audience for an influencer to demonstrate a good or service. Expertise is heavily needed, and it would be fair to say that an influencer marketing agency in India can take the mode of media to a different level.

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews are a great objective for influencers in India to have on the goods or services they are promoting for their partnering brands. However, reviews for the content of influencers are generally given in comments on social media, where we get a bunch of non-authentic comments as well.

If we consider the review that the influencer is providing to its audience, it would have some personal touch from that influencer. Also, testimonials for these influencers are not very common, as there are small influencers who have enough experience but not a good chunk of the community.

Honesty in Opinions given to Audiences

Different influencers in influencer marketing have different judgments of the goods and services provided by their partnering brands. However, one thing is common, and that is giving an opinion on a specific good or service and making it reach its target audience.

When influencers align with brand values, the content they generate accordingly defines authenticity more easily. It portrays the general opinion of how an influencer is looking at a brand by following their words.

Moreover, those who are determined to provide the correct information to their audience would invest a hefty amount of time in researching and evaluating the good or service. The honesty of influencers in India would also be seen if they were interested enough to talk about it.

Verifying Claims and Facts

There have been several scams or fake news stories for a long time, and there are very few regulations to take control over. But the Indian government is now focusing on creating new guidelines for social media that might be beneficial for influencers and brands that will further promote partnerships.

But beware of fake advertising, as many do not comply with all rules and regulations yet, which might be solved if the government set up an influencer marketing agency in India.


Influencer marketing is one of those strategies that has evolved globally at a huge scale. But do not forget that there are other marketing strategies as well that are constantly evolving around it.

Brands need to make a good integration of having a good enough strategy to gather the attention of the current audience as well as keeping a motive to grow their audience in the future and complying with other strategies as well. Contact Chtrbox – best influencer marketing agency in India, to get more out of this new emerging marketing trend.

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