Influencer Marketing: 13 expert tips to boost your campaigns


Influencer marketing strategy is currently the most popular and highly in-demand online marketing strategy adopted by most businesses. For most businesses, influencer marketing strategy is an integral part of their overall marketing activity. The strategy has transformed the way how businesses are now reaching out to a vast audience and driving traffic to their business. If planned and implemented well, the strategy can turn out to be a boon for your business. In today’s article, we have shared some really interesting and useful influencer marketing tips that can help boost the influencer marketing campaign for your business. Let us today understand the term influencer marketing and why it is so effective.

What is Influencer Marketing?

An influencer is a person who has a huge fan base or followers who believes in them and trusts his/her knowledge about a specific niche. They are promoters of a specific niche and are also hired as brand advocates. Businesses collaborate with influencers to endorse their brands and boost their online marketing strategy. Most brands today adopted influencer marketing strategies to leverage an influencer’s reach and gain the desired visibility and traction in their business. Let us understand and see what it takes in an influencer marketing strategy to boost your online campaign and benefit your business.

1. Set out Goals & Communicate them-

Setting goals is the first important step in any marketing strategy. But here it is not just about setting goals but also communicating the goals clearly to ensure the influencer’s marketing strategy and the business goals are well aligned. Outlining clear goals and keeping targets around them makes them more achievable. So businesses must keep in mind to not just set goals but also communicate them to the influencer as well so everything’s on track.

2. Choose an Influencer that fits with your brand

Selecting the right influencer relevant to your niche is important. If you wish to reach out to your audience, the best way to approach them is through an influencer. But for that, you need to find and shortlist an influencer who has a good following among your target audience. Only then can your brand reap the benefits of influencer marketing strategy. The best way to determine which influencer would be right for your brand endorsement is by checking the audience they deal with and the engagement they have with the audience. This way, your brand is sure to collaborate with the right influencer and gain the desired visibility, traffic, and sales for their business.

3. Check out Past Campaigns and Collaborations

When you plan on searching for an influencer, the first thing you should be doing is a bit of research on them and their work. Take some time out to check on their past campaigns and collaborations. See how well and successful these campaigns have been. You must even analyze the engagement level they have managed to garner through campaigns. Evaluating all these influencer marketing strategies is critical in the decision-making of whether or not to collaborate with them for brand endorsement. This will also probably be the deciding factor in the success of your influencer marketing campaign.

4. Engagement Metrics

Using engagement metrics is essential to ensure the influencer marketing campaign is a success. Engagement metrics are something that will help you track your campaign and demonstrate how effective your influencer marketing campaigns are currently. Based on the results of it, you can strategize your marketing plans ahead accordingly. Keeping a track of your campaign and accordingly altering the strategy is probably the best way of ensuring the campaign is a success.

5. Unique & Authentic Content

This is a no-brainer for sure. Businesses must ensure that the marketing content developed for the influencer marketing campaign must be unique and authentic. While creativity is one aspect of the Content, ensuring that the Content is unique and authentic is also essential to ensure to grab the attention of the audience. For instance, most marketing strategies work around building content around what is already trending. But sometimes, you need to think out of the box and be the trendsetter to gain the desired traffic and visibility.

6. Engaging Content over Promotional Content

As much as possible, avoid making the Content about just promotion and advertisement. Rather develop Content that adds value and creates engagement among the audience. People today tend to skip passed promotional Content very quickly. So, if you want to avoid falling prey to such situations, then ensure developing Content that is engaging with the audience. This will definitely ensure the success of your campaign.

7. Amplify Content-

You can always amplify the influencer marketing content by re-sharing or posting the original post of the influencer on your social media platforms and other channels. This helps increase the reach of the audience by multi-folds since it is not just shared on the influencer’s social media pages and platforms but also on your brand pages across different platforms, increase the scope and reach. This will guarantee larger reach, greater visibility, and increased traffic online.

8. Build long-term relationships with Influencers

We strongly recommend brands to maintain long-term relationships with influencers. Such collaborations are mutually beneficial for brands and influencers. It builds a sense of trust with their audience as they see influencers promoting the same brand over a long period of time. This will ensure brand stability and also go a long way in enhancing client conversion, retention, and even building loyal clients.

9. Work with Micro-Influencers

Do not just focus on collaborating with just big names on social media. You should even consider working with multiple influencers with smaller audiences. Micro-influencers may also be a good choice as they have a great ability to strike engagement with the audience. Having good engagement with the audience is the key to a successful influencer marketing campaign. So, the next time you plan to collaborate with an influencer, do consider a Micro-Influencer.

10. Provide Exclusive Offers

As a brand, always offer something exclusive for the audience of an influencer. Make sure there is a perk for the audience. Consider giving them freebies or coupons, or discounts as an offer that is unique to the influencer. This way, both parties have something beneficial to gain from the campaign. For this, you can always take guidance from an influencer marketing agency like Chtrbox for such strategies.

11. Track Campaign

Tracking influencer marketing campaigns from time to time is crucial for the success of the campaign. Get the influencers a unique tracking link so you can measure how many people came from that campaign and determine the success of the campaign. Tracking links are great for accurately monitoring the influencer marketing campaign and related conversions. You can see exactly how much traffic and how many conversion an influencer drives to your website. Based on such reports, you can improve your influencer marketing strategy online.

12. Set Guidelines

You need to set some basic guidelines for your influencers in terms of the influencer marketing campaign. This could be in terms of sharing your brand-related campaign post on all their social media channels, using the brand and campaign-related hashtags for every post, sharing certain links, discount codes, setting call-to-action buttons on posts, etc., depending on the campaign. You can also set other requirements and guidelines and ensure both your brand and the influencer benefit from the influencer marketing campaign.

13. Consider Hiring an Agency

Hiring an influencer marketing agency like Chtrbox is highly recommended if you plan to collaborate with an influencer and run an influencer marketing campaign. Having professional experts by your side will ensure a smooth process. Since agencies have the experience and expertise of running such campaigns, they would be in a better position to guide you and ensure your influencer marketing campaign is successful.

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